CarPlay support arrives for Volvo's XC90 crossover

Volvo is now rolling out CarPlay to its XC90 crossover. Announced as a launch partner well over a year ago, Volvo has now made CarPlay available on the 2016 XC90 for new buyers, as well as current owners via a software update, reports CNET.

Once the update is installed, CarPlay will become accessible when the driver plugs their iPhone into the XC90's USB port. Once plugged in, the 9-inch screen for Volvo's infotainment system will split into two sections, with CarPlay residing on the bottom half, while controls for adjusting vehicle functions sits on top.

According to the report from CNET, current owners can take their vehicles to a Volvo dealer to have the update applied — a process that should take under an hour. New XC90 buyers, however, will have to pay an additional $300 for CarPlay.

Source: CNET

Dan Thorp-Lancaster