Case-Mate shows off iPhone 5 cases, pulls the page shortly after

Case-Mate published a page today featuring iPhone 5 case designs and pulled it just shortly after. If the case designs are the real deal we may be seeing an overhauled design for the iPhone 5 after all.

Case-Mate recently claimed to have inside info regarding the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. (Which we are still a bit skeptical about.) As we get closer to an announcement we typically see a lot of case leaks but they don't typically come from a manufacturer as reputable as Case-Mate.

I'm personally hoping these cases are legit as the iPhone inside the case appears to be a drastic change in design and form factor. It appears to be similar to the iPad 2. Real, fake, or really fake?


Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • Looks hot from what I can tell.
  • Agreed. If you look at the pictures of some of the clear cases, you can really see what the phone looks like.
  • Looks like the iPad 2, but smaller of course. I'm excited if this is real.
  • I thought the same thing. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone5 looks like a small iPad 2
  • yep. good call. interestingly i actually liked the iphone 4 design. but i'm pretty bored with these rumors. I check this site for one reason and one reason only now. To see an if there's a post that says "apple event invites going out now." I'm feel the guy that approached the girl only to be strung along for months. Then one day the stringing along turns her unattractive. Then finally I don't like her anymore. Not that apple is stringing me along but i feels like it. semi rant over. sorry. i'm moody. haven't had any coffee today.
  • That looks pretty legit to me.
  • the fact that they pulled it is also a possible indication that it's legit.
    it could also be protecting itself from a false claim, or maybe they don't have a right to use apple's product names yet or some other reason.
    But like when leaked movie footage hits youtube and then you see "Removed for copyright reasons by Warner Brothers." You have a pretty good idea that what was yanked actually was real movie footage. Something similar could be going on here.
  • WOO!!!
  • pleeease not sooo big!
  • yeah i'm hoping it's just a 4 inch screen and not a 4.3
  • Maybe that whole "iphone nano" rumor was just the opposite. Purhapse the plan is to release a larger screen iPhone and keep the smaller screen iphone as the "nano".
  • who knows. i just really wanted 4 inche and 64gb but i guess i may get neither.
  • Im my opinion, i kinda like the iphone 4 glass front and back design. It looks elegant cOmpare to the ipad 2 design.
    However i read some stuff that ipod touch will be faced out, and apple will release a cdma ipod/phone type that runs tru net where you can make a call and text. And the new iphone will be just like the old iphone but with larger screen and thinner.
    I dont know if thats true but the question is are they really lunching 2 different iphone.
  • If it's redesigned like this and it comes with 4G, I'll be compelled to buy it.
  • And there goes their license agreement up in smoke!
  • I seriously doubt Case-Mate would have these designs ready to go and create a page like this if they weren't confident that the iPhone 5 design was not legitimate. This smells like a controlled leak to me. It's not unusual for Apple to orchestrate things like this leading up to the release of a new product to gauge the response.
  • I think it's got to be genuine. Case mate are a huge company. I hope it's genuine... It looks mint
  • If this is the iPhone 5 then where is the ringer button on the side? It looks very reminiscent of the iPod touch unless they eliminate the ringer all together and just make that control internal but I doub itt. Also is that brushed aluminum on the back like the iPad because that would be awesome!
  • They moved the ringer switch to the other side of the phone next to the camera. You can see it best in the black case at the top of the image.
  • yeah i'm about 97.436% sure that's what it is. basically the same case as the ipad 2, brushed metal and curved. I've looked at another leaked case and interestingly. it has a curve on the edge just like this and just like the ipad 2. and the buttons are in the same spot.
    i really think it will look a lot like the ipad 2 and have a 4 inch or more screen.
  • i saw this render prediction. i bet it look a lot like this shape wise with the proper buttons added in the right places.
  • Very nice. And is it possible that the same case might fit both the iPhone 5 and a new iPod touch 3G? I think it makes sense for Apple to sell an iPod touch 3G that has built-in 3G data connectivity, with an easy upgrade to 3G voice.
    Not sure if it's technically or economically feasible, but it would be a great marketing tactic. People who are mid-contract with other smartphones could get an iPod touch 3G now, then upgrade it to do voice calls when their contract is up. No early termination fee, yet they can essentially buy an iPhone 5 in advance.
    It would also remove a psychological barrier. People who buy iPod touches may not end up buying iPhones. This argument would disappear: "I already have an iPod touch, so I'll just get a free generic phone instead of an iPhone for voice calls."
    Think about the gift factor. I'm not sure how easy it is to give someone an iPhone. Do you need to pay their cell phone bills as well? Or do you need to pay the full unlocked iPhone price? If Apple sells an iPod touch 3G, that uncertainty goes away. You buy it without a contract, and the giftee pays for the voice plan they want, if any.
    And lastly, even if there were some iPhone 4 / 5 cannibalization factor from iPod touch 3G sales, Apple would still get revenue from carriers when users upgrade to voice calling. (They'll maintain their 2/3 profit share of the entire cell phone industry.)
  • I don't care if it looks like a potato, just hurry up and release it so I can spike this TurdBolt into the garbage!
  • If apples so cautious about releasing the design to the world, would you really expect a case company be released the model design? I smell bs
  • Nice, the iPhone 5 is the iPhone 2g!
  • controlled leaked approved by apple. they would not risk lic agreement. notice how all we get is form factor, and no explicit nude or semi nude shots. i say invitations go out tomorrow!
    im waiting to get this or SGS2 depending on which device is more compelling.
  • I totally agree with you. I am sure Apple is behind it and the invites are going out today. Why no front pics? Teasing us for sure.
  • Wow, really people, it's the current generation iPod touch... Or the next gen iPod touch: reasons: 1. Looks exactly like iPod touch. 2. Any thinner than the iPhone 4 and you won't be able to hold the edges of the phone to lift it to your ear for a voice call.
  • that's exactly why I don't like this design, doubt I could hold onto the bloody thing
  • Just hurry it up already. Need to get rid of this piece of sh*t android phone!
  • count you're blessings. You could be like me on a Pre minus with a broken keyboard and laggy performance. Hoping maybe you'll get lucky and someone will update one of the more recent apps for your phone release way back in 2010.
  • Pre- release in June of 2009. I still have mine & waiting to see the iPhone 5
  • Maybe you should have a got a good android phone...just cause one is bad don't mean they all are...example my galaxy s2 is faster smoother etc than my iPhone 4
  • Your a fcking troll, go back to your android forum with all your other butt buddies, nobody wants you here.
  • Hahaha +1 GTFO stupid troll
  • lol am a troll for saying that not all android phones are are certainly a apple fanboy of the highest calibre if you start throwing insults for know i have an iphone 4 and a galsxy just not as blind or stupid as you.
  • Looks just like a skinny 3GS with a brushed metal back and the flash from a iP4.
    Here's hoping the screen is bigger and it's a 4g phone. That's the biggest potential improvements considering the iP4 will get iOS5.
    I'm thinking I'll be holding out to the iP6, myself.
  • iHope this is the iPod Touch 5, not an iPhone 5.
  • can't Rene IP ban these people?
  • (Imho) I say this is the "iPhone nano": the 250$ A4 no-contract 3G'ed iTouch, which I personally dub the "iPhone Air".
    Sorry peeps, the next iPhone will be the spec'd up iPhone 4S, and last year's phone gets the bargain bin treatment wt 8Gb of memory.
    Call me Magic8ball ;D
  • Is it possible that we are looking at the new case for the new iPod Touch?
  • sure. why not. Anything seems possible to me. however it was labeled iphone 5. but i guess it's possible.
  • I consider bogus any claim to a larger screen. Apple bet the farm (iPhone & iPod touch) on 3.5", then doubled down with Retina. Sure they dabbled and explored every options from 2.7" to 14.3", but if it never left the secret vault, it doesn't exist.
  • all do respect i don't think they have a need for a leak. I think it was merely a mistake slash overzealous case maker. Its' not like they need to draw attention. Demand is large and attention will be there the day they say, "come to our event."
  • I hope not. It's so less elegant...
  • I think its the real deal. Just saw iPhone 5 cases with the same cutouts for sale at DX. And they usually have access to early product manufacturers.
    I like the design. Although I think the iPhone 4 design is almost perfect. I think the button on the right is the mute switch
  • BUT, you aren't suggesting if it was false, they would keep the page up?