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What you need to know about Apple's holiday shipping deadlines

There is still time to get the perfect Apple gift for that special someone!

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AirPods teardown reveals tightly-packed circuitry and so much glue

iFixit has once again given the teardown treatment to a brand new Apple product, this time with the AirPods.

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How to rename, set to play/pause, and configure your Apple AirPods

How do you rename your AirPods and change the double-tap shortcut? With Bluetooth Settings!

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Yes, AirPods will stay in your ears while you run 🙌

If you were worried about AirPods falling out of your ears while you moved, this video review should quell your fears!

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AirPods review: The future of wireless with some present pain

Apple cuts the cords on EarPods and makes them into AirPods, but are they worth it?

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8 Great Tech Gifts for Mom and Dad

Save up to 40% on a new Anker portable charger!

Amazon has slashed up to 40% off a select few Anker portable chargers!

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How to pair your AirPods with iPhone, Watch, iPad, and Mac

How do you pair your AirPods with your iPhone? With your Apple Watch? What about your iPad and Mac? Like this!

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Star Trek Combadge: Is This The One To Beam Up?

Michael Fisher has his hands on a FameTek Star Trek Combadge. Can this communicator pass the MrMobile Kobayashi Maru? That's a Star Trek joke, if you were somehow unaware.

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Scosche introduces Lightning-equipped earbuds and Bose headphone adapter

Scosche has launched its latest Lightning audio products, a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds and a 2.5mm audio jack adapter for Bose headphones.

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