CBS bringing video to iPad via HTML5

CBS has confirmed that they plan to bring all video content to iPad via HTML5 format by the fall television season.

ABC has had an iPad app available to stream video content since the device launched, but CBS has chosen to deliver their content via instead. In regards to this choice, Interactive executive Anthony Soohoo said

When we were looking at the iPad as a separate device, it had a lot more similarities to a PC in our mind…So for us, we wanted to make sure that video was available through HTML5 on the iPad first.

Although the PC and iPad versions of their websites will have identical content, CBS does plan to take advantage of multitouch on the iPad, particularly with advertising.

There are some interesting elements to the iPad, such as the idea of a user navigating the site with their fingers versus doing a mouse click, so that might lend itself to doing some interesting advertising programs, and that’s something that we’re learning about and looking into right now.

So who's counting down the days until CBS' fall television season?

Watch the full interview (in Flash?!) with Anthony Soohoo after the break!


Leanna Lofte

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