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The Other Mac Blog and MacRumors have discovered and confirmed that (opens in new tab) is at least testing iPad-compatible playback ahead of Apple's magical new device launch on April 3.

This new version of the video does not yet work but appears to be based on HTML5. The css files reference HTML5 and have a number of "webkit" specific calls. Webkit is the browser engine used in the iPad's mobile safari. While the videos don't currently play, the "fullscreen mode" reportedly already works in the iPad simulator.

The iPad, like the iPhone and iPod touch, doesn't support the Flash plugin that uses for computer-based browsers. More and more sites, including YouTube are testing HTML5 as an alternative, however, so It will be interesting to see if pulls the trigger on it, and how many other big media properties follow suit. Hulu anyone?

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • Down goes Flash! Down goes Flash!
  • If Steve Jobs is single handedly responsible for the HTML5 conversion being put into affect. He's definitely influential.
  • Hulu on the ipad/iPhone would be awesome!!! How about if apple extended it's influence into the education world. I have several sites I goto to do homework for my college classes,and was strongly considering an ipad, but can't because of the heavy flash-based content. Tried it on my iPhone-no go:(. Come on Steve, put ipad into every college students hands, and make the software manufacturers bend to your will-HTML5
  • I don't understand why Adobe feels so insulted and defends Flash as if they created it. They should turn it into an "animation-only" app (it's fantastic for that), and just eliminate it as a web tool. If they can realize Freehand and GoLive are inferior, they can't be that delusional.
  • I think that you have to hand it to Steve Jobs. Website managers all over the world are going to succumb to him just so their content will work on his devices. Get ready to slowly say goodbye to Flash as long as Apple never supports it! (for the iPhone OS)
  • That's cool, my favorite right now is the Justin.Tv app which is free on AppStore...
  • I highly doubt they will serve straight HTML5 fed video to the iPad. For one, Safari on the desktop could pretend it is an iPad via the User Agent String, and the videos could be downloaded with NO protection do the desktop.
    Now, if CBS made an app that allowed them to feed the videos to the iPad in a secure way, that would solve the issue.
    In the Flash VS HTML5 debate, the real winners are those that support both. Want to add a publicly downloadable video to a web page, go HTML5. Want to offer premium videos with a way of protected your content, go Flash. I don't see what the problem is.
  • @Rob, do you REALLY think that this will stop them from serving up HTML5 vids???? LMAO, there are literally hundreds of ways to download a youtube video without much effort, or even flash contained CBS vids as they are in their current state, do YOU REALLY THINK that ANYONE will change UA strings for a CBS VIDEO, REALLY???
    Security isn't an issue, the REAL concern is getting the iPAD userbase to even watch CBS in the first place LMAO!!!
  • HTML 5 FTW.... Means iPad WILL dominate
  • @Matt: if it can be done, people will do it. The amount of people that do it, however, is completely debatable. The more roadblocks you put in the way, the less people will take the time to get the videos downloaded or figure out what new maze of URLs and software is needed to do so.
    People are far too polarized as to the uses of HTML5 video and Flash-wrapped video. Both serve perfectly good uses. Flash is not JUST about video, but it has become such due to not having an easy way to implement videos within HTML itself. HTML5 is not about being a complete Flash replacement, yet people make it out to be just that.
    What HTML5 really does it assist in off-loading some of the work away from Flash and allowing people to do what should be "simple" things without the need for high end editing suites.
    You don't see too much news about Netflix or Hulu being hacked apart and videos being pulled from those services. Doing a search for "download Netflix movies" brings up a few articles from 2007. I have a feeling that much may have changed since then.
  • Webkit is also the base for google chrome.. Just saying, webkit=/=ipad.
  • @Rob: why would there be an effort to download anything directly from NetFlix, when literally every video they serve up is available through torrents or other nefarious methods, that logic is akin to scaling a high rise building instead of using the elevator...
    Please believe that if these companies were so concerned about stopping Peter the Pirate from downloading the latest episode of CSI (insert city here) they wouldn't even THINK of HTML5 in it's current state, but as you'll see in the coming days as the release of the iPad draws nigh, more and more companies will be making announcements that, they too will be serving up their media in iPad friendly formats//
  • steve jobs knows what hes doing. ive said it before and ill say it again. apple is going to kill flash like they killed floppy disks. steve isnt banning flash because hes afraid of people getting content for free he banned it to wake everyone up and help them see that flash is a cpu hog, drains battery life, and is now outdated and that HTML5 does everything flash does without all those problems.
  • 1 website starts the the movement the rest will follow. I Guarantee it ...
  • Resistance is futile. HTML 5 or die. Steve talks people listen
  • To all those who say Flash is dead--have you seen the latest performance statistics between Flash video & HTML5:
    Flash is dead--yeah right.
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