China has insatiable appetite for iPad mini

Looks like the iPad mini is proving as popular in Hong Kong and China as it'd been in western markets. Yup, despite the lack of a Retina display, and complaints that it's not as "cheap" as a deeply subsidized Google or Amazon tablet, Apple can't keep them on the shelves. John Paczkowski of AllThingsD cites retail checks by Topeka's Brian White, which show an "insatiable" demand:

Nearly all models of the diminutive iPad sold out in Hong Kong and China last week, with sources at Apple’s three retail stores in Hong Kong and eight in China reporting stock-outs or significantly constrained supply.

Once again, this shows Apple prioritizing lightness and battery life over display technology was the right choice, and that the value proposition isn't a factor unless lowest-possible-price is the primary feature as customer is looking for. It also shows that greater China persists as a major, and likely still growing market for Apple.

Now the question becomes, how much will the iPad mini cannibalize full-sized iPad sales, the way full-sized iPad sales have cannibalized some Mac sales, and how much of that will be offset by this type of growth, and by cannibalization of non-Apple computing devices?

Source: AllThingsD

Rene Ritchie

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