CNN commentator labels iPad controversy 'false and idiotic', claims he was using both tablets

CNN's Jake Tapper mentioned on Twitter that the controversy surrounding the commentator's use of iPads over the network-provided Surface Pro 3 was "false and idiotic". Microsoft partnered with CNN to give its Surface Pro 3 tablets airtime during the broadcaster's election coverage, which backfired as commentators were found to be using iPads hidden behind Microsoft's tablets. Tapper said that he was using his iPad for tweeting while the Surface Pro 3 was showing statistics of the exit polls.

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Source: Twitter (Jake Tapper)

The clumsiest man in tech.

  • Microsoft cannot win in the promotion department! Got to love them for trying but it kind of backfired and gave the Apple iPad free positive P.R. at Microsoft's expense since they paid plenty for this promotion.
  • My question is, how is it false? They were using iPads! I get it, they are easier to use, but to deny it thIs way tells me they want to try to salvage their deal with Microsoft, which was more than likely violated. Sent from the iMore App
  • He was using both his iPad and the Surface, each to one task. It was suggested that he was not using the Surface, that it was just laying there while he used the iPad, and that's the falsehood he was talking about.
  • I watched for a while. One iPad was literally using the surface as a kickstand and I never saw anyone touch a surface. Sent from the iMore App
  • Why two devices? One of the "selling points" of the Surface is that it multi-tasks. So, why couldn't he use Surface for Twitter and and the election stuff?
  • Personally, I have a Surface Pro 2 and often use it along with my iPad simultaneously, both devices do their jobs well and sometimes it's easier to use both :-)
  • I guess this dude didn't realise you could actually multitask on the surface and could have had both those apps opened side by side making the iPad unnecessary.
  • On a small screen like the iPad or Surface, side-by-side crap is useless in most cases. You want full screen. Which is what he wanted..
  • Good point! In fact, the picture at the top of this article SHOWS A SURFACE WITH SIDE-BY-SIDE APPS. Jake Tapper is obviously making up this story to save Microsoft some embarrassment. He didn't need an iPad to keep an eye on election results and Twitter simultaneously. And if the screen was too small to multi-task, that is just as damning to the Surface Pro. Robert Perez
  • He probably needed an iPad because there are so many apps missing from the MS app store. The few big apps that MS bribed the developers to create are no longer supported now that they got their money.
  • But they have twitter is the obvious defense. Posted via the 5s I'm not ashamed of using in my home.
  • Womp womp.
  • There's no way he was using the surface. They were set at angles that would be borderline uncomfortable to use.
  • I love how corporate(s) are actually helping their competitors. Instead of exclusivity if I was marketing I would ask for inclusive-ity. This way there is always my product in addition to the competitor rather than have mine and be caught in situations like this. Just my 2 cents.
  • Having used the iPad as a dumbed down tablet, the CNN commentator was too dumb to know the Surface can multitask and show both apps as if there are 2 computers.
  • Surface (and Windows Phone) have been universally rejected by consumers and MS is hemorrhaging billions on both products.
  • Only because they don't know much about them and don't want to take a "risk." Almost all the owners of the devices love them unless they are too stupid to figure them out. Posted via iMore App
  • CNN commentator labels iPad controversy 'false and idiotic', claims he was using both tablets ... Multitasking, eh? heheheheeeeee