CNN commentators ignore free Surface Pro 3 tablets, use iPads instead

Microsoft's product placement for the Surface Pro 3 on CNN has taken a surprising turn for the worse. The company managed to score a deal with the broadcaster to have its laptop killers present on CNN's news show, but commentators appeared to be more interested in iPads concealed behind said Microsoft hardware.

There's no question that having the Surface Pro 3 on-stage makes the show look more professional, but we're sure this isn't what Microsoft had planned for its product placement.

Surface iPad CNN

This also isn't the first time Microsoft has had to deal with Surface Pro product placements going wrong. It was only last month when we covered the company looking to "coach" NFL TV announcers to correctly identify its own tablets, instead of referring to them as "iPad-like tools."

Source: GeeksWire, Twitter (@Melbourneer)

Rich Edmonds
  • the sad part is its not like anyone was probably doing anything "amazing" on them. They were probably just checking their email, twitter and web. And couldn;t be bothered to "learn" how to use the Surfaces
  • I was gonna say the same thing. Probably just had Twitter open the whole time. I know this is an Apple focused site but the funny thing is that Surface probably would have been more useful to them with Twitter snapped to the side and still have space for a web browser or email client running simultaneously.
  • Exactly. I like how you quotated learn. Lmao. Posted via iMore App
  • These people are really busy. They don't really have time to learn a second device.
  • From what I see from people using Surfaces (at the ice rink and in the classroom) the touch targets and UI elements are not finger optimized and require the stylus. That's why it comes with it. For TV presenters, fumbling around the interface is probably the last thing you want to do "on air". But maybe it has more to do with "device familiarity", than Surface's UI limitations (mostly lack of touch optimized software). I mean the lady on the right is even frowning her Surface and using her phone instead...
  • If you're talking about working in Desktop mode, I agree with you but not in the Metro UI. Have you seen the Live Tiles? They're huge. There's no way you can miss them unless you do it intentionally.
  • Umm.. The tile is just an icon you click to start the App.. After that you're in an un-optimized non-touch friendly interface for most apps. Tiles don't make up for that.
  • Some examples please. I have no issues with the touch interface on the Windows "tile" apps I launch. They run great in touch mode. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I think that most use cases that I witness are with Excel, Project and company issued legacy apps (Lotus 123 is still present in government-run offices around me). But once somebody has the stylus in hand, they tend to use it and it probably helps... But everything seems so tiny (from my point of view anyway)... maybe the native resolution is too high?
  • Yes! Metro is good for fingers and desktop is not. But thankfully there's options to resize things. I resized the icons on my desktop to make them extra large and open on 1 click instead of 2. Posted via iMore App
  • I think it's safe to assume Jake Tapper is using an iPad he owns, which has all of its icons and folders placed exactly where he wants them and important settings all configured exactly the way he wants. He decided he had no time to learn his way around a Surface Pro 3 and get used to it while in the midst of Election Night coverage. And Microsoft made it easy for him to choose his own iPad by rolling out decent Office apps for the iPad and raising everybody's free Onedrive storage limit per account up to 30 GB. .
  • Ianberg.... You hit the nail on the head. This has nothing to do with how you use but what you are used too. And probably a really inattentive PR dept. Also... With ol girl on her phone and him deep in his pad I would bet this was snapped offair...I can't imagine they would be doing their own thing on air like that both ignoring the camera and audience Funny though Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree but he should still.get familiar with it… it's simple. Posted via iMore App
  • Would've been comical to see them accidentally switch from Desktop to Tile-interface and try to figure out what was going on ;-)
  • Omg if you can't figure that out you shouldn't even own a computer… Posted via iMore App
  • More of an annoyance than anything, definitely an oversight in the design of the UI -- apparently Microsoft agrees as it'll be 'corrected' in Windows 10. Thanks though for stopping by ;-)
  • Surface is too complicated for today's Apple users. Requires thought and effort beyond collecting likes and retweets.
  • Microsoft's feeble attempts at tablet PCs over the past decade has been a failure even with your geek crowd, But they keep trying. But you are right, we don't get our kicks out of editing the registry, we have real lives to live.
  • To which Microsoft/Windows tablets are you referring? Do you own any? Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Lol the registry is only nessecary for powrer users. It's basically like a tool for changing behind the scenes settings and it's not even important for proper use. Just because Windows offer amazing tools like that doesn't mean it's complicated. That like me saying that OSX is complicated because it allows me to see logs during setup. Posted via iMore App
  • Lol such an elite we have here. Everyone likes what they like, just because they aren't up to your standard your Highness doesn't mean other people dont prefer or like other technological innovations Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Most people around here are technology/computer users, that happen to uses Apple devices (and not exclusively at that). It is rather rude to attack and bully technology/computer users who happen to use devices from a company that you prefer to shun. But here is some food for thoughts; Would the MS Surface even exist if Apple had never existed? I simply ask you to dwell on that, out of respect for the audience you are being rude to...
  • The same way works around.. Did Apple even existed if Microsoft didn't save them a few years ago? The history of this companies are tied together in a way that one didn't become what it is today if it wasn't the other one to push it further..
  • Exactly my point! Cheers. Sent from the iMore App
  • Reminded me of an episode of Homeland, where some people were using Macbooks but when the screen was briefly shown, it was running Windows 7.
  • One of the great things about the Mac - you can run Windows and OSX simultaneously (using Parallels or Fusion). MacBooks are actually some of the best Windows laptops.
  • I agree. I just don't use them because I really like having 4 usb ports, a cd drive, and a fingerprint reader. Posted via iMore App
  • I'm not sure why a newscaster needs a surface pro or ipad while on the air. Let the geeks in the back do that. The newscaster needs to be presenting with a feed in his ear and big teleprompter to stare at.
  • Sorry for another post..but I don't think much of paid product promos like this. Apple does it. MS, HP, etc etc but I don't think the average person really notices. I always liked the Stargate episodes where they're lugging Dell XPS laptops around and connecting to alien technology with them. I bet they didn't have displayport issues running 5k Anyways, I'm more of a fan of taking that paid promo budget and simply donating Surface Pro's (or ipads, or whatever) to schools. Get the kids using them. That's where you sell that it's cool. Or set up deals with colleges. The students are your salesmen.
  • Stargate Franchise Rules!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Ah Ha!!!!, suck it Microcrap!!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Tbh Apple sucks more because Apple is a fruit and you suck on fruits. Posted via iMore App
  • Ignorant morons. There never was anywhere else to go with a tablet device than Surface 3, that was the clear evolutionary path from the beginning but I think Apple is hesitant with following Microsoft into bigger display because they know they aren't able to match that product. They thought time would stand still and wait for them until 2015, other than this there is no other reason for not introducing iPad Pro.
  • Check is in the mail. -Tim Cook
  • Who's the Angry chick in the Leather Zip Lock? Maybe she hates he's breaking the rules?
  • Window(s) dressing. Hi-yo!