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Comcast reportedly dropping plans to merge with Time Warner Cable

Comcast is said to be preparing to abandon its planned merger with rival Time Warner Cable. The deal was originally announced in early 2014, and valued at $45.2 billion in stock. Comcast will reportedly make its final decision today, with an announcement coming as soon as Friday, April 24.

Following meetings with federal regulators, Comcast has reportedly been under the impression that the deal was in trouble, according to Bloomberg:

Comcast representatives came away feeling from the FCC meeting with the impression the deal was in trouble, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Comcast and Time Warner are currently the top wired broadband and cable providers in the U.S., and a merger would have potentially seen their combined customer base hit 30 million.

Both Time Warner Cable and Comcast have refused to comment.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Good. Nobody wanted this to begin with.
  • We're going to take our monopoly and go home! Sent from the iMore App
  • I wonder whyyyyyyyyy they would feel their is resistance? Hmmmmmmmm.. (does evil mini-me pose)
  • If that merger got passed regulators then they should just burn the antitrust laws altogether.
  • Finally. Now hopefully Time Warner will have to look at their money hemorrhaging and make a reasonable deal for the Dodgers to get carriage by other companies.