Comic: Don't jack my headphones

wired headphones are the past. embrace the bluetooth future!

its not bluetooth headphones im worried about. CHAPTER 1. Loomings. Call me Ishmael. Some years ago never mind how long precisely

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  • Ooh never thought about that! That is a great point. Ahhhh
  • Same here Sent from the iMore App
  • I am not looking forward to air travel when everyone forgets their dongle.
  • Just start singing along (or singing something else louder, if their music sucks), and spoil the ending of the book.
  • Hahaha challenge accepted! Sent from the iMore App
  • Well that one just hit me. That would be even more irritating
  • "get over it" The new Apple slogan: "Like, ports? Get over it! Like CPUs less than 3 years old? Get over it! Like Thunderbolt monitors? get over it! Like a computer capable of VR? Get over it!" Why settle when you CAN settle with Apple?!
  • You're quite the troll.
  • Truth hurts.
  • It's only really the "Macbook" (Not the Pro/Air) that lacks ports, the rest are fine. The CPUs get updated when the Mac lineup gets updated, they don't put old CPUs into the Macs. I'm not fully aware of the Thunderbolt monitor situation so I can't go against you on that one. Lastly, Macs are not primarily gaming computers and Apple don't advertise them as that. Basic VR stuff will work well (trust me I ran some VR games on my mid-2012 Macbook Pro), but obviously not designed for intense applications or detailed games
  • It's already like that with old people (age 55+) using Smartphones around me. They're always watching some Youtube or Facebook video with the volume cranked. Not even joking despite how funny that might sound.
  • Oh dear...
  • Apparently this is already a thing. On an episode of ATP Marco Arment said that's why he released an update with optimized audio for phones' speakers: He noticed that a lot of listeners were just listening through the phone's speaker, no headphones, Bluetooth, AirPlay, etc.
  • That ATP, plus personal experience is exactly what inspired this comic. Good catch!
  • Bluetooth headphones are garbage. I have yet to find a pair I like. They all sound like they have 50x the bass. Beyond that, wireless is prone to more interference, and must rely on the headset's DAC's instead of the phones. I'd prefer Apple's "DAC" leaps and bounds over a bluetooth headset's internal DAC. As in Digital - Analog Converter. The battery in the headphones can't power a strong DAC, but the iPhone can do a better one. I think Apple is going from "long tail" to "fat head" in terms of their products in general. They don't appeal to the media creation people as much anymore, as you can't add to the MacPro (Thunderbolt != SATA/PCI). They lost the people who like customizing the OS with the last two releases or so as I can't tweak things as I used to be able to, namely I can't silence notifications for longer than a day, I can't get rid of the icon in general, I can't Securely Delete from the dock *on my spinning HDD*. They're losing the audiophiles if they do this. They're going just on a name now. I did replace one of my phones with an iPhone 6S+, but Idk if I can keep subscribing to the "Apple knows better" scenario (see they banned most all 4chan apps, as opposed to making them 18+ only).
  • Do you actually mean 4chan or do you mean Reddit? Never heard of any 4chan apps.
  • They wouldn't ban any Reddit apps anymore, since Reddit has decided to censor what they don't agree with. I mean, it started as free speech, and I could give them banning subs that brigade, but they just ban subs that aren't politically aligned with them. I did mean 4chan, not at all Reddit as I left Reddit a while back for the above reasons. <- Only on Cydia "Unfortunately, since Apple does not allow 4Chan-related apps into the App Store" They do seem to have one app, but it never updates anything, and just shows you curated things (not advising anyone use that app as the first picture is very odd and *very* NSFW). They also seem to be against Voat apps, as they made them block certain subs there to get approved. That's why I have both an iPhone and Nexus in my pocket, as Apple doesn't let my iPhone do what Apple doesn't approve. See removing apps with the Confederate flag, but not the **** flag.
  • You haven't tried very many pairs them. Sony, Bose, V-Moda, Sennheiser, JBL, Parrot, Jaybird, and others have all released very highly reviewed Bluetooth headphones. Sennheiser has the Momentum 2.0 wireless headphones and their recently released PXC 500 models which feature better noise cancellation. Bose, with their QC35 headphones, have the highest reviewed noise cancelling models. The DAC and amp in a pair of wireless headphones will be specifically tuned for those headphones and provide better results especially if their Bluetooth receiver supports the AAC standard. Then it's all a matter of the iPhone sending the song as-is (assuming your songs are encoded at ~256kbps C_VBR AAC) and having the headphones directly decode said audio material. Even wired headphones with a built-in amp and DAC sound better than just hooking into the iPhone's headphone out port. There's a reason why OEMs are bypassing the audio components that smartphone/tablet makers are using. Yeah, the iPhone isn't bad but you're fooling yourself if you think it provides better results than the setup that Sony included with their Lightning headphones or that it is better than what Sennheiser has done. As for the 4Chan apps, I too am not aware of them. I do know that there are multiple Reddit apps and they do allow access to age restricted content. ****, Apple sells R and NC-17 rated movies in the iTunes Store, some of which feature explicit material. They also sell/stream music featuring "fowl" language. The reason why app developers get in trouble is because they do not properly label their apps. The official Reddit app is labeled as being 17+, as are BaconReader and iAliens. An app will be deleted only if it allows for the access to age restricted content without being properly labeled.
  • Haven't seen as many of those going wireless, as I was going on what I see in the stores on sale, as I don't like wireless. I'll look in to those others. The DAC being tuned for the headphones can't matter as much when it can't decompress as well. I have a lot of stuff that I had to convert from FLAC to AIFF as iOS doesn't like FLAC, but nbd as they're both lossless. Bluetooth 4.0LE does have the bandwidth, but I rather not have an extra thing to charge. Just preference, but again, I will look in to those. The point that you aren't aware of the 4chan apps is my point. Apple decided that I can't handle what 4chan says, so I can't have an app. I can browse in Safari, but that's about it. I ditched Reddit when they decided to start banning people/subs they politically disagreed with. There is a 0% chance I would be talking about them as I have switched to alternatives that don't get rid of people they disagree with. I was ok with Reddit getting rid of subs that seemed to leak, but when they allow subs to block people simply because said people are subscribed to another sub? Nah, I don't need that. There is an app called Fortune on iOS, but only through Cydia. The rumor is Apple solidified their ban on 4chan apps because people fell for those "iOS 7 makes your phone waterproof" things that supposedly started on 4chan. Again, Apple decides what I can and can't handle. "Back in 2012 Apple removed all 4Chan related apps due to “user-generated objectionable content.” " It is up to me what I find objectionable, not Apple. They could make it adult only or whatever, but not ban it. Same with the flavor of a few months ago where they banned apps with the Confederate flag, but left apps with the **** flag... Apple has some NC17 movies, but they still censor things. Up until recently, it seemed they didn't have a certain song off of the Book of Mormon soundtrack. If you've seen the Musical, you'll know which one. I'll end here though, as I don't want to ramble off topic.
  • Well, there is a lot of smartphones without a headphone jack. (Off topic) Sent from the iMore App
  • By alot do you mean the new moto z?
  • Who cares. People only complain about Apple.
  • I don't quite catch the punch line. Is it about when Bluetooth headsets run out of battery? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Either Bluetooth headsets running out of battery or people realising they can't plug their existing headphones into their phone, both resulting in people deciding to play the music out of the phone speakers instead