no headphone jack makes it easier for people to see that you have the newest iPhone- even if you choose one of the older colors

our executive team has an irrational fear of holes.

we know youd ACTUALLY kill us if we removed the mute switch.

because F$@# you, that's why.

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  • Ahhhh, bluetooth?
    I haven't plug in head phones in a very long time.
    People grow the **** up.
    You ***** when technology doesn't change and when it does you *****.
    Remember when apple switched to 0SX?
    Got rid of 3.5" floppy drives,
    Got rid of CDs
    Wires plugs, wireless keyboards...?
    You all are so hung up on your own BS and inability for change, yet you long for the next BEST something and you couldn't come up with an original though if your **** depended on it! Remember, "Think Different?"
    Probably not.
    Go back to your selfies.
  • Awesome. +1
  • So, I'm not allowed to have a preference that differs from the company making my phone? I can't vocalize said opinion? You don't like it when people "Think Different"? Hmm... Bluetooth isn't anywhere near as good as 3.5mm, as I've gone over adnauseum before. Bluetooth does the DAC's in the headphones, so not always as good. I don't have to worry about charging my headphones, and I only have one battery to worry about dying. I'll give Apple kudos for including the adapter in the box, but as it's a proprietary connection, they're going for a subtle money grab to license their lightning cables. If they made the licenses free, I'd give them less flak. Not even counting that this is another way to lock people in to the Apple ecosystem. "I spent $400 on headphones that are worthless if I switch to something not an iPhone, and I can't plug them in to my Mac or Stereo anyways!"
  • Then go to android I am sure they do it perfect for everyone out there.
  • I carry multiple phones, one is a Nexus. I'm not allowed to have a different opinion? You seemed to be negative towards people wanting a 3.5mm jack, so I responded. How dare I not take it and offer a counter point!
  • This isn't technology shifting. This is the removal of a port. Nothing more. Nothing less. They didn't redefine anything. They didn't change anything. They want the world to go wireless? Great. Maybe this will force advancements in that. But until then, there is no great reason for the removal other than people like you crying "APPLE SAYS THEY ARE ADVANCING THE WORLD!! THEY DID THIS BEFORE!! SHUT UP IF YOU DONT LIKE IT! STOP CRYING! ENJOY THE FUTURE!!"
  • Wow Bu t t is censored?
  • And the most accurate Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Lightning jack headphones sound better than 3.5mm headphones as multiple tests have already proven. Of course, none of that really matters when you're just listening to heavily compressed streaming radio.
  • Hahahahahhahaha Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Whether you droid cretins like it or not the headphone jack's obsolete and if you don't like it touch luck the Android copycats will follow suit such is Apple's influence in the industry. Sent from the iMore App