Supposed photos of iPad 3 compared with iPad 2 confirm thicker design, more tapered edges

The iPad 3 rumor mill is chugging a long a full speed, this time showing us what's supposedly Apple's next generation tablet side-by-side with an iPad 2. These photos highlight a slightly thicker casing and more tapered edges, which falls in line with previous image leaks.

If accurate, these images from M.I.C. Gadget has posted another round of new photos likely confirm that Apple will be modifying the casing of the next iPad to offer a thin feeling while ever-so-slightly extending the thickness of the device, most probably to allow room required for a higher quality 8 megapixel camera, Retina display, battery, and possible 4G LTE networking

The iPad 3 is expected to be announced on March 7th shortly before Apple is rumored to push out iOS 5.1 to the masses.

Source: M.I.C Gadget

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  • OMG BECKY ew. #teamPlayBook
  • All I can say if this is true is WTF? So then it's the size of the iPad1 with tapered edges. LTE still not ready for prime time. Looks like iPad4 will be the one to get.
  • Are these articles what you call "iPadding"?!
  • Yuck, that's enormous!
  • Wow! Huge mistake here made by iMore! The images you are showing give a false perspective. You should have posted this image from M.I.C. Gadget:
    Not too bad.
  • Oh....!!! strange that iMore has done such a mistake.......btw thanks for correction
  • Not really.
  • The display and quad core is the reason I'm picking this one up.
    Gaming is going to get extreme this year.
  • I thought the A5X wasn't a quad core, just an ramped up dual core? Where did you hear that it has the A6?
  • Same size .. different angle
    it photography .. not news ya iMore ^_*
  • To wait in line or to pre-order, that is the question.
  • Pretty darn sure it's just the tapered edge that's making it look thicker in this picture...
  • Thanks for the updated pic Simon. I can certainly live with a little extra thickness to get a better display and camera, but the original pic made it look half again as thick. Now I'm just hoping my Smart Cover will still fit the 3. Oh wait - this is Apple we are talking about.....
  • Am I the only one who thinks the iPad 2 pictured seems a little too thick?
  • For that matter...where's the SD slot on the iPad 2?