Do you like big, bulky cases? Small, pretty, glittery ones? Cases with intricate details, leather accents, gold flares with pearls and diamonds? Cases with superheroes on 'em? Cases with slots for your credit cards and change?

TLDR: Are you an iPhone case addict?!


We should have a case therapy group. I just purchased a Michael Kors folio case and that makes 10 cases for my iphone 7+. I have to stop this madness. LOL. I change cases like I change shoes and boots. I am also lucky my script hasn't changed because I have a great collection of glasses too. I am putting a halt on this. Do you have a case addiction too?


At one point I had about 30 cases for my 7+. Then I bought the red 7+ and gave most of them away. I pretty much switch between two clear cases now.


What about you? Are you an iPhone case addict?

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