Corning to show off even tougher Gorilla Glass 3 at CES 2013

This time last year we were in Las Vegas, checking out CES 2012 when Corning decided to show off Gorilla Glass 2 in their booth. The demo of the 20% stronger yet 20% thinner chemically-hardened glass was impressive, but they've got something even better in store for next week at CES 2013: Gorilla Glass 3. According to Engadget, version three of Gorilla Glass is touted to be three-times more scratch resistant over its predecessor, while also offering up forty percent fewer visible scratches. In other words, it's straight-up tougher to scratch.

All of this is supposedly owed to the implementation of a propriety treatment Corning calls 'Native Damage Resistance' that is said to reduce the propagation of flaws and scratching. This doesn't mean your future Gorilla Glass-fronted iPhone will be impervious to a sudden and rapid meeting with a hard surface near you, but it'll certainly stand up better to in-pocket and in-purse abuse. Or at least the screen will.

Source: CorningEngadget

Derek Kessler

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