CrashPlan to discontinue its consumer backup service to focus on enterprise

Code42 Software, the developers behind backup service CrashPlan, have announced that they are discontinuing their consumer backup service, electing instead to focus entirely on enterprise and small business products. The company is, as of now, no longer accepting new signups for home versions of CrashPlan, and are not accepting any renewals of subscriptions of the service.

CEO Joe Payne explained the decision in a video to customers:

Current CrashPlan for Home subscribers will see their current subscriptions extended for 60 days past the renewal date at no extra charge. CrashPlan will completely discontinue consumer service on October 23, 2018, so people looking to continue using an online backup service will need to find a replacement by that time. If you're still in the market for an online backup solution, there are a number of options still available.

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  • This is disappointing. While I never had to use their service, I appreciated their pricing and lightweight software.
  • This (partially) explains why I have two RAID 6 NAS units, an 8 x 3TB drive QNAP and a 5 x 2TB Thecus, both powered through an enterprise class UPS. My data is too valuable, and massive, to entrust to a "cloud" storage provider which can discontinue their service for any reason, or none at all, raise rates, or just go out of business. .
  • Crashplan: "Sorry, your money is no longer good here."
    I liked their service. Now I pony up for small business for the next year at 75% off or start backing up elsewhere.