Crazy fun rumors: LightPeak on iPad 2?

Based on rumors about a "USB" port on iPad 2 and rumors of Apple adopting 10Gbps LightPeak technology in this week's rumored MacBook Pro refresh, MacRumors wonders out loud if 1 + 1 = iPad 2. (For more math fun, and proper context, count how often the word rumor appears in that sentence!)

Could it happen? Sure. Will it? Even if MacBooks Pro get LightPeak no other computer will have it short term. FireWire and MiniDisplay show Apple's not adverse to blazing new port trails, but adding things to iOS devices that most users won't use most of the time is something they've avoided. Could it be a hybrid USB/LightPeak port to increase usability? Why not a hybrid Dock/LightPeak port then?

What do you think?


Rene Ritchie

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  • Where is iPad 2
  • doubtful , at this point the ipad 2 is a myth anyways.
  • Thursday
  • the day before Friday.
  • And the day after Wednesday.
  • Apple will never go for a port that will not be mainstream soon. If they intend to increase transfer speed, the logical thing to do would be to upgrade the dock connector port to USB3 speeds, which of course would be backwards compatible with USB2.
  • Technically the word rumor appears in that sentence zero times. Rumored and rumors both occur, but not rumor :-)
  • The word "Idiot" doesn't appear in your post, either, but it's understood as a summation.
  • John is a buzzkill - don't be an insecure fool and attack Chris' humor...
  • It will be used all the time as It sounds like a way of speeding up syncing - at last! Just have to wait to see what the mac updates contain.
  • Honestly, I hope not. I'm willing to bet that most people would rather not have a LightPeak premium included in the cost of an iPad 2. I know I'd much rather save even $5 on the cost if it meant no LightPeak. I mean, is increasing the transfer speed something that most people care about at this point? With USB, syncs take what... 5 minutes? Once a week?
  • As far as I have observed, the bottleneck when syncing with iTunes aren't transfer speeds but something about the syncing process itself. When I simply transfer files to/from the iPhone iFunBox or even SSH, the speed is very fast. But if the same filesize is transmitted during the syncing process, it takes multiple times longer.
    This has been improved a lot since iTunes 10, but it's still much slower than the actual transfer speeds would allow.
    As a sidenote: I have many, many apps and data on my iPhone. With iTunes 9, a full restore would take about 24 hours which was very annoying. With iTunes 10, this has gone down to about 2-3 hours. (Maybe they just improved the app installing method since that's what took the most time with iTunes 9).
  • I would say (and only since this is titled Crazy Fun Rumors) go ahead and add it... but only if Apple can devise a way to implement a death ray to come out of the iPad 2... oh... wait... what are we talking about here? LOL. :)
  • I wish The Flash was on there for another reason. :-/