Create 3D visualizations with your iPhone or iPad with Arqball Spin, now on Kickstarter

If you remember painstakingly constructing 3D models using points, polygons, and splines back in the days of the Video Toaster, then the Arqball Spin is bound to bring a smile to your face -- because it lets you quickly make a 3D visualization with nothin g but your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The Arqball Spin app has been available on the App Store for a while, but now they're upping their game -- and the quality of their scans -- with the Acqball Spin stage. And they've turned to Kickstarter to fund it.

  • The hull is CNC lathed from 6063 aluminum and powder-coated in the color of your choice—red, white, or black.
  • Our stages are rugged and portable (powered by batteries) and possess a beautifully simple design inspired by Arne Jacobson's "salad bowl."
  • 5" diameter and 3" tall and powered by 6 AA batteries, the stage can comfortably rotate up to 5 lbs (2.2 kg).

You can grab the free iPhone and iPad app if you want to try it out now, but if the idea of a higher quality 3D visualization makes your inner artist happy, head on over to Kickstart and make with the backing!

Free - Download now

Source: Kickstarter


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