Basic Siri commands

Brand new to iPhone 4S, heard all about Siri, but wondering how to get started? No problem! Here are the basic things that Siri can do for you, and the example commands to get Siri to do them. Everything has a learning curve and even Apples magical voice activated assistant needs to be spoken to gently in order for her (or him in the UK and France!) to give you what you need.

  • Phone: “Call Emtal.”

  • FaceTime “FaceTime JMil.”

  • Music “Play The XX Intro.”

  • Messages: “Tell Michele500, I’ll be right there.” or "Send message to JadeStar"

  • Calendar: “Set up a meeting with Chuck Henricki at 9.” 

  • Reminders: “Remind me to call Petaf.”

  • Maps: “How do I get to Steve Poirier's?” (Currently US only.)

  • Mail: "Email Seth about WWDC." or "Search email for SockRolid."

  • Weather:“What’s the weather for today?”

  • Stocks: “What is Brad's stock price?”

  • Clock: “Wake me up tomorrow at 10 a.m.” or "set a timer for 10 minutes so I can take Kevin's CrackBerry cobbler out of the oven!"

  • Contacts: “What’s Maicols’s address?”

  • Notes: “Note that I spent $25 on JBaby knitted capacitive gloves.” or "Search for notes on JJWicks' funny comments on iPad Live."

  • Safari: “Search the web SeBorSam.”

  • WolframAlpha: "Who was in the cast of Sleepy Hollow?"

  • Find My Friends : "Find Carolyn"

Bonus Tip "Siri, what can you do?"

While these basic commands are interesting, Siri really shows her power when you start to combine them together. Try out something like, "Remind me to call Rene when I get home." Siri won't always be able to do what you want, and it will make mistakes and get things wrong, but once you get the knack of it, you can accomplish some pretty amazing stuff.

Let us know your favorite Siri commands and tips in the comments!

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