Digital Offers: Get $30 off this 5-port USB & power station!

It's happened to all of us: You're traveling with a family or a bunch of friends and everyone's phone dies at the same time and your laptop's dead. Sure, you can all huddle around the two sockets on the wall where there happens to be space. But it'd be a hell of a lot easier if you had more options.

A multi-port power station is the best way to go, especially one that has both USB ports and conventional power outlets. Why not charge your phone, your iPad, and your laptop, and power a desk lamp at the same time?

The GorillaPower 5-port USB & Power Dock has 5 USB ports and 2 two-way AC power outlets, so you can charge just about every device you have. The best part? At iMore Digital Offers, you can get it for only $60! That's $30 off retail!

Charge and power all the things

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You might be worried with this many power possibilities, but there's an excellent surge protector built-in so that, when your life (your phone and laptop) is in the hands of the GorillaPower Power Dock, it's safe from over-currents, over-voltages, and shorts. And why pay full price when you can grab it for 33% off at iMore Digital Offers?

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