The Zus smart car charger can help you find where you parked

The inevitable has happened. You're in a giant parking lot á la Six Flags or the Mall of America; you can't find your car, and your phone is on its last legs. WHAT DO YOU DO?! Sure would be nice to have been able to charge up on the way to the mall, eh? Sure would be nice to whip out an app and follow a convenient arrow in the direction of your vehicle, no?


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The Zus Smart Car Charger is the answer to your lost car/dead device prayers. It acts as a USB charger when plugged into your car's 12V port (cigarette lighter), and it works even when the ignition is off. Zus claims to charge two iPads faster than any other car charger. The smart chipset inside sees to it that each device you plug in receives the fastest charge possible. This charger retails for $49.99, but at iMore Digital Offers, it's just $29.99, a savings of $40%.

If you're ever lost in a vast parking lot, the Bluetooth transmitter in the charger will help you find your car, using the handy Zus app. Just fire it up, and a red arrow will point you in the direction of your vehicle. You can share your parking location with your friends or family, and since Zus is always on, it monitors your car's battery so as not to deplete it. It meets U.S. military grade standards in high temperatures and for durability, thanks to its cooling system and titanium coated connector.

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Bringing these two functions together can cost you big bucks, and $50 might be a bit too much to spend on something like this, so don't. Spend $29.99 at iMore Digital Offers and save 40%. Never lose your car again and keep your devices charged up while on the road.

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