DJI Mavic Air Review: The Best Drone I've Ever Crashed

There's something to be said for a product so useful that when one of them flies away from you forever (RIP "MrSparky," my first DJI Spark) … you buy it again. And then when you fly another one into a tree on a private island and risk drowning and Lyme disease trying to recover it –only to fail miserably and spend $799 to get a new one– well, tragedy aside, that's a pretty big endorsement, isn't it?

I'm MrMobile, and crashing drones is apparently my thing. But when I'm not augering them into the ground, I'm using them to take some of the most beautiful video I've ever shot in my life. The DJI Mavic Air is, to me, the absolute pinnacle of drones, a perfect mixture of capability and portability that I've spent five months putting to work. From the frozen February wastes of Boston to the salty humid climes of St Petersburg, my Mavic Air has seen it all … and it's helped shoot several of the videos featured on my channel! Check out the DJI Mavic Air review above, pour one out for my departed drone friend … and be sure to subscribe to theMrMobile on YouTube so you don't miss my next aviation adventure!

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