An iPhone X on the Nomad Wireless Travel Stand next to an Apple Watch and a neatly coiled charging cord

An iPhone X on the Nomad Wireless Travel Stand

Rugged minimalist tech accessory company Nomad officially launched its newest wireless charging solution today, and it's the ideal addition to any desk, nightstand, or side table.

Succinctly called the Wireless Travel Stand, this dock-like contact charger's upright design allows you to silence your alarms, see all of your most vital notifications, and quickly respond to any messages without ever needing to actually pick your phone up. What's more, it offers all the power you need to charge your phone quickly so you can get on with whatever you need to do as soon as possible.

Aesthetically, the Wireless Travel Stand is bea-u-ti-ful, especially if you're a fan of no-frills, minimalist style. Its austere rectangular frame is made of durable black enhanced polycarbonate and aluminum, and — like many of Nomad's other products — it features Horween leather accents from the famed Horween Leather Co. of Chicago. This means that over time, the leather will age and wear, developing what the company describes as a "rich patina." In addition, it's cable-free so you don't have to deal with any messy cords taking up valuable surface area. When you aren't using the stand, you can remove the bottom piece and snap it to the back of the charging surface, allowing for compact flat storage.

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As far as actual charging goes, the Wireless Travel Stand contains a high-power 7.5W coil specifically designed to juice up your iPhone 8 or iPhone X at maximum speed so you can get back on the road in ample time. However, because the stand can be used cable-free, you do have to charge it occasionally with its included 1.5 meter cable. And if you're a real jet-setter, don't worry: the stand works with any standard outlet adapters for Europe, Australia, and Canada.

The Nomad Wireless Travel Stand is priced at $59.95, and is available for purchase on Nomad's website. Note that it only comes in a "Slate Gray" color option, so if you're a fan of brown leather, you may have to sacrifice matching.

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