Bluetooth earbuds have been around for a while now, but they’ve always been inferior to wired earbuds because they don’t offer as great of a sound signature. Bluetooth 5.0 changes this by delivering a higher data transfer rate, allowing you to enjoy more detailed sound without having to deal with wires. If you’ve been apprehensive about making the Bluetooth switch, there’s no better time than now, and the xFyro ARIAs are the perfect choice for $99.

The xFyro ARIAs are a pair of true wireless earbuds which use Bluetooth 5.0 to transfer data up to 10 times faster than older Bluetooth protocols, which results in excellent audio with powerful bass, crisp mid-highs, and clear vocals. On top of that, the ARIAs feature CVC noise isolation tech and ambient noise cancellation to help drown out outside noises so that you can enjoy your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard. The ARIAs pair to your phone automatically and can be controlled with either Google Assistant or Siri. Finally, they boast up to 8 hours of playback off a single charge plus an additional 24 hours thanks to the included charging case.

If you want to enjoy true wireless earbuds that don’t compromise in sound quality, look no further than the xFyro ARIAs, which are on sale for just $99, or 60% off.

xFyro ARIA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - $99

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