FCC filing for Apple's iBeacon hardware spotted in the wild

We've covered some pretty cool uses of the iBeacon technology from Apple, but the product itself is still not available for the general public. Now, a new filing has spotted for an iBeacon device through FCC, attached to the product numbe A1573. According to the filing (and the included imagery), this iBeacon measures 5.46-inches in diameter and is powered via USB connection.

Apple iBeacon

The device was tested on behalf of Apple by China's Audi Technology, noting the 2.4GHz frequency for compatibility with Bluetooth of today. This iBeacon will enable purchasers to utilize Bluetooth 4.0 and wireless connectivity to offer location-based content to compatible hardware, including the iPhone and iPad, as we'e already witnessed with solutions covered already.

Apple's iBeacon is a cool concept that has already been shown to work in not only Apple's own retail stores, but partnered companies too. While the device is passing through FCC, it's still not known when Apple will launch it, if at all. We could also be looking at HomeKit integration, but we'll have to see.

Source: FCC, via: TUAW

Rich Edmonds