FCC publishes documents detailing unreleased Apple iBeacon hardware

The FCC has published a number of documents with details on an unreleased Apple-produced piece of iBeacon hardware. Some documents for this hardware were spotted last summer, but today's release includes the user manual. It's unknown what this whether this device is meant as a product for consumers or business partners, or if it's intended as hardware for developers. From 9to5Mac:

However, time has elapsed such that the rest of Apple's submitted documents are now available to the public. Vitally, this includes a user manual which immediately signals that this iBeacon hardware was meant for developers, presumably to test iBeacon integration in their own apps. It's unclear, though, if this is meant to be used 'in the wild'.

Apple iBeacon Manual

It's a fairly simple device. It has a threaded hole for mounting with a screw, as well as a battery status LED, a USB to Micro USB port, and a power switch. The manual says that the USB power adapter and USB to Micro-USB cable must be purchased separately.

Source: 9to5Mac

Joseph Keller

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