Ferrari looking to expand partnership with Apple, announces car that comes with iPad minis

Ferrari said today that it is in talks with Apple to expanding their in-car entertainment partnership, also unveiling a new, iPad mini-equipped car. The car, called “LaFerrari”, is a 1 million euro hybrid four-seat vehicle with iPad minis in the passenger seats. LaFerrari was announced at the Geneva motor show. Bloomberg reports:

Ferrari, which today unveiled the 1 million euro hybrid model “LaFerrari,” is in talks with Apple about broadening a partnership on in-car entertainment, Di Montezemolo said today at the Geneva motor show. The new four-seater Ferrari model includes mini i-Pads on the passenger seats.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, joined Ferrari’s board in November. There were also reports last spring of a meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo. Cue tweeted about the car’s unveiling today, calling LaFerrari “stunning”. He’s not wrong about that.

Source: Bloomberg, Eddy Cue, Image credit: Ferrari

Joseph Keller

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  • "i-Pad"...
  • Sounds nice to me. Now what they should be looking at is a way to offer a swappable iPad mini so that as the specs improve the $1 Million Euro car won't be outdated when it comes to infotainment 1-2 years out. I mean why not make a special Ferrari edition iPad mini.
  • LaFerrari is a TWO-seater not four, you may mean the FF...
  • Who wants to bet you get the lowest model iPad mini with that million euro car
  • What passenger seats? And even if there were, who the hell is jaded enough to need to have access to an iPad while riding in a 2800 pound, 963 HP, 217 mph, $1.3 Million supercar? Sounds like angels roaring.
  • Thats a really REALLY expensive iPad Mini! Dang! ....better get AppleCare!
  • That would be pretty neat. Not sure why it would be on the passenger side. Seems like it would make more sense to put it in the middle.
  • Wow, with that expensive of a car, i would hope you could at least get a full sized iPad...
  • Sillyness. If I could afford that car I could certainly afford a Mini...heck...I could afford the iPad 4 AND the mini....they need a reality check.