FiftyThree Paper

FiftyThree, the makers of the Bluetooth-connected iPad stylus Pencil, has commenced sales in the UK, Germany and France from today. Previously, the only way to get your hands on the product was to order directly from the US, likely being hit by import fees and the like. Finally, the company has listened to feedback and the general cries for help and has launched sales in respective markets within Europe.

The Pencil is the companion tool for use with the company's iPad app, Paper (see the photo above), which enables consumers to really get creative on their tablet. Those who purchase the Pencil in Europe will also receive pressure sensitivity with the iOS 8 update, just like the US.

FiftyThree Pencil

The Pencil is notably more expensive in the UK (what isn't more expensive in the country?), setting purchasers back by £50 for the Graphite version and the Walnut at £65. Head on over to Amazon to drop an order.

Source: Engadget

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