Fleksy, the alternative keyboard that developers can use in their iOS apps, has moved their SDK out of private beta and made it free for any developer. Originally launched in December with a limited set of partner apps, the SDK now allows any developer to offer iOS users the option of utilizing either the standard iOS keyboard or Fleksy. The company expects many developers to add Fleksy support over time. In fact, a number of apps are launching Fleksy support today, according to the press release:

A number of new app developers are launching today with the updated SDK on the App Store. These are Cotton Notes, hAppy for ADN, Matcha, MUDRammer, Remoter Pro, SnapStatus, Tap Forms Organizer, Vert 2, Write for iOS, You Doodle, and additional Fleksy-enabled apps are now added on a daily basis.

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Source: PRWeb