"Flight delays" causing international iPad deliveries to slip?

Apparently "flight delays" have caused some international iPad deliveries to slip from the previously promised May 28 to May 29... or later. While some in Europe received their iPads days early, others are waking up to this notice from Apple:

Your iPad is currently in transit, however, FedEx has informed us that, due to a flight delay, your package will not deliver on May 28th as planned. We are closely tracking your order and working with FedEx to deliver it as soon as possible. FedEx will make every effort to deliver your iPad on Saturday, May 29th.

The iPad 3G I'm waiting on said it departed Shenzhen, China on May 25 only to sit... in Shenzhen, China until May 27 which is certainly a delay of some kind. No idea what Service Level Agreements FedEx has in place with Apple for these deliveries, but it would be interesting to find out what could cause this kind of flounder.

First world problem to be sure, but not one Apple or FedEx likely wanted to deal with today.

Is your iPad delayed? When did you order and what's your status?

Rene Ritchie

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