Siri Eyes Free support lands inside Ford vehicles with latest SYNC update

Ford has announced that the car maker is currently rolling out a software update for the company's SYNC software. This update will hit more than 5 million vehicles, adding Siri Eyes Free capabilities for hands-free access to iPhone features. After installing the software update, those with a connected iPhone will be able to activate voice recognition through a button on the steering wheel - much like long pressing the home button on the smartphone.

Siri would then be able to place calls, look up phone numbers, set a remainder or alarm, detail a weather report, manipulate media playback, send and read out SMS messages, or even configure Apple Maps for turn-by-turn navigation. The software download will be available through Ford's online platform and those with models ranging from 2011 equipped with the second-generation of SYNC (MyFord Touch) are eligible.

Source: Ford, via: Apple Insider

  • Hey Honda! How 'bout you guys doing something like this also? Or at the very least let me pay $$$ to swap out your craptastic "entertainment" system for the new carplay systems?? <sigh> Really it is unprecedented that a car manufacturer is rolling out an update to a stereo system, normally a 3rd party afterthought. Kudos to Ford on this. The Honda in-dash stereo would have to come alive and start killing passengers with targeted electric bolts before Honda would ever make the slightest change to its software...
  • Your comment is regarding Honda incorporating CarPlay but the article is only about Siri Eyes Free. Those are 2 different things. I own a Honda (Civic SI, 2015) which support Siri Eyes Free but doesn't have anything to do with CarPlay... which I'm hoping they will finally implement in a new model.
  • Thank God! Hopefully Ford will do a better job of keeping Sync updated in the future too.
  • Not chance Chevy does this with myLink aka noLink Sent from the iMore App
  • I have a 2016 Honda Accord and Apple CarPlay and Google Auto are both included as standard features in LX models and above. I use CarPlay daily and I love it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Found On Road Dead, no thanks. Sent from the iMore App
  • So now the mustangs got even more tempting.... :-p Posted via the iMore App