Third Generation iPod touch to get Camera... and Microphone?

Rumors of the third generation iPod touch getting a camera -- even video camera -- is nothing new, however now claims they may be getting a built-in microphone as well:

A well-connected source tells us those rumors are on the money, and that Apple’s factories in China are already manufacturing iPod Touch models with integrated cameras and microphones. An Apple spokesman declined to comment when reached by phone.

With the addition of video to Camera, and the Voice Memo app, combined with a built-in mic making VoIP even easier, we'll come out and say it -- ultimate non-phone handset is nigh.

Apple typically unveils new iPod touch models once a year at their special music event, alongside other iPods and related announcements -- which last time, at Let's Rock included the iPhone 2.1 firmware and iTunes 8.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Wow this must piss AT&T off now there is even less reason to switch from another carrier to get an iphone.
  • There's always a chance Apple won't let the mic be used or VoIP, just for that very reason. So, shhhhhhh!
  • Might as well throw in a GPS chip as well go up against stand alone GPS units now that full GPS software is hitting the App store.
  • Jeff you can already get another carrier on the iphone in America its pretty easy with ultrasn0w
  • I hate news stories that use questions to suggest things, Fox News (and the Macrumors blog) does this all the time:
    "Obama the cause of global warming?"
    "Steve Jobs on his deathbed?"
    "Zune indirectly the cause of the collapse of the global economy?"
    Try it. It's fun.
  • Steve Jobs uses unicorn tears to embolden new ipod touch?
    Harry Potter gay?
    Battlestar Gallactica to return?
    Tyson vs Ali a reality?
  • @Rene:
    Yeah, that's what ATT is thinking right now. Force Apple to turn off the Mic when WiFi is on. ;-)
    But I can't imagine a scenario where Apple would let AT&T dictate to them about something that does not use their network.
    OTOH I can imagine Apple planning to be free of ATT in the future.
    I'm betting Voip is EXACTLY the market Apple is going for. They can imagine the future, and build toward it.
    With an off-cellular device like the Touch, they can do pretty much what ever they want, and have Voip apps (their own and third parties) developed, tested, and ready to go when the networks deliver on their HSDPA 7Meg deployed.
    Sooner or later I believe the carriers will build enough speed that they will no longer have any justification for blocking Voip. No terrestrial internet provider can legally block Voip in the US, (Canada?). The carriers have been claiming network saturation as their excuse to the FCC, while we all know its just because it competes with their overpriced minutes.
  • Rogers and Bell packet shape all the time. I think Google was even suing them in Canada over it. Strangely, they seem to degrade service on competing VoIP services like Skype (they offer their own VoIP). Since other DSL companies use Bell for their lines, they get packet shaped as well.
  • Im wondering if there is an upgrade processor. Otherwise, I dont see a point in waiting for the 3rd gen when the 2nd gen is good enough for me
  • @LocoStrange well according to this article there will be a camera. I don't think it would be too much for Apple to put in an upgraded processor especially after the sucess of the 3Gs. You could hear the iPod Touch(s). Lol that would be a worthy upgrade from the second Gen.
  • There's no reason to doubt a better processor, iPod touch is their new gaming platform and updated support for OpenGL is absolutely a must.
    Eventually when 4G networks are rolled out it's possible that there can be some kind of data-only iPod for 20-30 bucks a month, or some kind of add-on that would provide data.
  • As much As I love rumours and rumours about iPod touch 3rd generations, I really can't beleive that apple would even consider putting a mic oN the touch. Apple isn't stupid. They are aware of the hacking community and aren't about to give them a freebie by installing a microphone.
  • iphone has a mic simply because it's a phone. my mp3 player has a mic to make voice memos. ipod touch 3g could have a mic for voip or voice control like iphone. if apple puts a mic on the new ipod touch it will encourage people to buy it.
  • wtf y would aplle do that.thats just makig it more like an iphone i wuldnt do it at all
  • Apple sells earphones with a mic on it, so that it can be used for voip services like truphone.
  • weill if it has video recording of course its going to have a mic cuz video with no audio would suck
  • I hope Apple does add a Microphone. I will never get an iphone, and I use a prepaid phone. I see no reason to get an ipod touch either (I do have an ipod classic for music) - But if Apple does add a camera and a mic, I'll be buying one of these in a heartbeat, and getting a yearly Skype plan.
    Apple should do this, just more money for them. If you already have an iphone, why do you care?
  • when is this ipod 3rd gen you all speak of coming out
  • @Ryan - Good point, what good would a video camera be without a mic. I hope this all turns out to be more than just rumors so i can upgrade my 1st gen.
  • i will certainly be picking up one of these as soon as it comes out if this is true
  • @zero apple most likely has a strict contract with verizon or whatever company it is, which would make them disable the mic when wifi is on to prevent customer losses. Plus apple wants people buying the more expensive iPhone. So I can't see them adding a mic to a touch. If they do I will be as happy as the rest of you though since my 1st gen is pretty banged up.
  • ... Oops I sharted
  • Have you guys considered that they might also change the back of the iPod touch because they scratch so easly... Cuz I no slot of people with the first and second gens who hate hoeasly this thing scratches
  • @bob they could possibly add the plastic back like the 3g and 3gs. I think it would Be cheaper for them (apple) but at the same time I think they want to distinguish between the 2 devices. It's the little things like that, which make for marketing techniques. Most people buy protective cases anyway. I don't think they will change the physical appearence all to much. Because the touch is a baby iPhone apple would probably change the iPhone 4G's style and then add those features to the next iPod touch.
  • Ohh that makes sense ... Thnxs
  • Hey everyone... I saw this question, but I don't think anyone answered...
    Does ANYONE know when this 3rd gen ipod touch will arrive? THANX
  • @Jon it's not been confirmed but apple usually reveals the revamped ipod line in the fall. Most people are saying ( and praying) September some time.
  • I'd agree, it would be kinda odd for 3g iTouch to be video capable w/ out a mic of some sort. I can't imagine thousands of people shooting video w/ their iTouch and then uploading soundless video to the web, what kind of sense would that make?
    One thing I have wondered though, has apple ever considered adding an SD Card slot to iTouch or other iPods? I know SD is more of a Windows technology, but I think adding a card slot would enhance the file mobility/sharing capability for the iTouch in particular.
    Either way I'm eagerly awaiting to get my first iTouch in September! ;-)
  • SD isn't a windows technology
  • If apple adds a microphone I bet it won't be visible or will be next to the camera, so probably won't be ofuse to voip users. As for the SD card. I wouldn't mind either way but the iPhone would get it first. And an sd card would open the touch up for easy hacks through the slot. Intresting concept though.
  • Well, if any of you guys know, the iPod nano already does have a mic on it. i dont think it would be surprising at all for Apple to bring this to the iPod Touch..
  • ever considered the fact that if apple does have a mic and a camera on the iTouch... that we can jailbreak it and use it while we're on wifi 2 make voip calls?
  • i hate how apple always is making there iPods better, i think thats the only way they make money cuz once u buy something thats hot and new at the time, in a few months its old news and there is something new coming out, like the iPod touch with a camera, and i just got my 2nd gereation touch a few months ago!
  • i believe that apple has to add the camera feature to the itouch in order to make a significant enough improvement to the product line. the mic would then be a must if they added video capabilities to the camera since vids with no sound are useless. if they add the speaker however they would have to make sure that no one piggybacked it and used the thing as a phone.
  • @mike we all know what the hacking community is capable of. Examples go from the first easy 1.1.1 hack using safari to advanced redsnow and quickpwn etc. There shouldn't be a doubt that they will be able to hack a microphone on the touch even with all the curveballs apple might put in place. Therefore if the iPod touch gets a camera with video and sound support I suggest that they would make the microphone next to the camera to focus on the filming aspect of the device. Though can't you buy iPhone headphones with microphones???
  • I would like an iPod touch with a camera and a mic. But I would also like battery improvement and more memory. And about the hacks, I don't think hacking the iPod touch 3g would be that easy knowing that Apple won't be that stupid to let people turn their iPods to iPhones.
  • Looks like even the main stream media is lining up behind the idea of a camera and microphone in the new iTouch. Here is an article from BusinessWeek/yahoonews that appeared today:
    Looks like the camera and mic are pretty much a done deal so the question now is what will be the capabilities? 5 megapix? Mic on the front, next to the camera or in a headset?
    Also, if you read to the end of that article it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks and SD slot would be a good idea. The author mentions miniSD which would be perfect for a hand held device. Since I have a 10.4 iMac I didn't know the latest iMacs have miniSD slots, that seems like a natural segue onto the hand held platform. My guess is if we get the camera and mic in this update, the next major revision will include some time of memory card slot.
  • It's a great article but I'm not sure about "a done deal" unless I'm mistaken a lot of the terminology used was "what if, and apple should... It didn't sound like an article declaring what the ipod touch will have but it backs up it's arguements quite well. Perfect wish list.
  • @ Simon
    Yeah, you're right. I guess I just "want to believe"! ;-)
  • wow, i just saved plenty of money in time to get a neu touch (my 2nd gen nano is starting to go on it's third year of service ;(
  • A microphone and camera would be nice, however:
    You can currently use Skype on iPod Touch 2g. You just need a pair of headphones with an in-line microphone. I just use the one that came with my blackberry!
    And I'm hoping for multi-tasking. Like being able to talk on Skype and play a game. Or listen to Sirius and be online.
  • @eric. Apple already stated that having apps run in the background, such as aim, would dwindle the battery down to fast. Hopefully if apple improves the processor and battery then we'll see that.
  • that looks like the iphone..... cant wait for the 3g to come out
  • It sounds awesome, but it would be even COOLER with a screen recorder!
  • @David there are ways to record your screen now. There is a tool that let's you access your screen onto the computer and from there you can use any free screen recording software. I've seen it being done but I'm not sure what the screen projecting software is called. Good luck
  • all im saying is tht i saw the new itouch on youtube and it does a camera on but as 4 video idk and i dnt think so
    jus youtube ipod touch 3rd generation and there should a video showinqq it i herard its cominq out in september i was qnna qe a itouch 2g but wen i heard this i said i can wait ill jus qet this one who cares if its like a iphone the phone actually has everythinq for it 2 be a phone the touch doesnt and if they add mic tht would qood for them cus alot of ppl would qet it so qood on there partt
  • maybe they are putting a mic on to allow apple to be att free and they can make their own service
  • im hoping this thing comes out beginning of sept. i just ordered a 2nd gen cause i need an ipod now but since im a premire member at best buy i can return it up to 45 days so if it is coming out it better be soon
  • @fortune92
    the mic on the touch would be for possible video, voice memo, voice recognition and the slight possibility of wifi skype. The mic on the touch would have nothing to do with apple trying to create their own carrier service. If they wanted to do that they would simply wait for the contract with AT&T to expire. But apple won't become a carrier. It's not a good buisness plan.
  • I heard that they even had difrent designs
    For the ipod it's self like see through so u can see like the circuits n shit I'm totally going for the whole set 1,2 and 3
  • God dammit i just bought the ipod touch 2nd generation i cant believe their comming out with this one
  • I have been saving money and looking into buying an ipod touch 2G but then i thought.. its almost september and apple comes out with new ipods in september! so i looked up ipod touch 3g and stuff, and saw camera, mic, and cheaper are all possibilties!!! so i am putting my money away and waiting for the release of the ipod touch 3rd gen!!!
  • I am debating between waiting for a new Touch to come out or pre-order the new Zune HD...I've never owned an IPod and am excited to get one...just hate trying to be patient and wait. From what I read the cost of the IPod Touch will go down to meet the price of the new Zunes...
  • Interesting, any heard any rumors on target pricing?
  • if the new i touch does have a camera and it is video recording capable then it would have to have a mic but it would close to the camera on the back why because you want to record the noise in fron of you what you are capturing and if its on the back it wouldnt be handy when using voip and the mic would turn off when wifi is on
  • the new generations will be 16/32/64 gig and pricing 199/299/349 thats what most websites are predicting
  • well this is just perfect (if its all true) i have the 1st gen ipod and its barely even working anymore...i do hope the cameras on the front of the ipod, that way skype would be very convinient :D
  • There are pictures of a iPod 3g now out that was found. Camera is in back. But not sure how real it is
  • I just quite one of the older iphone blog websites because one kid lied and and now no one can believe anything anyone says so I switched over to this one!!! Anyway if you ask me Im almost sure that the new touch will include 5 mp camera mic and navigator chip. Wonder why I think that.It is because OmiVision had a ton of 5 mp and 3.2 mp cameras ordered from them by Apple those cameras also include video capabilities as well and why have vidoe camera without a mic that would just be stupid and also it is not official but Apple is plannning to release it at their music festival on the 9 of this upcoming september and it will be available in difrent colors black and white are official.
  • Devin, that's pretty sweet. lol We sure showed Aaron.
  • this is real theve put up second gen ipod touch in the refurb store instead of the 1st gen ones i cant wait
  • man this sucks, I bought my girlfriend a iPod touch 2nd gen like 2 months ago for her birthday and then she got me one like 2 weeks ago for my birthday and then I look at this :0
    Lol, I'm eBaying it and getting a iPhone I think lol, would that no solve all of this if you all got iphone's, cause come on that's exactly what your all wanting from the new iPod. microphone and voice recognition. sounds like the iPhone to me
  • Two more weeks!
    So is it likely that the new iPods will actually be available on the date they are announced or will we still have to wait for them to be "in stock"?
  • I think it will be a bit longer than 2 weeks until you can purchase them. Expect apple to announce the new ( hopefully ) iPod line late September.
  • when everyone says att is gonna be pissed, well you can already use VoIP on the 2nd gen you just need to buy a mic, which you can find some cheap ones
  • @Dylan that method isn't as well known to the consumer. But if apple advertises skype for an iPod then AT&T will be pissed
  • I was just wondering - people are saying maybe apple would start there own service after there contract with AT&T expires, anybody know when that would be?
  • Have you guys ever considered that maybe there will only be pictures for the iTouch and not video? That would A). Solve the whole hacking and voip argument going on and B). Give people a reason to still buy the more expensive iPhone (which benefits Apple)
  • If the iTouch could only take pictures, that solves the whole dilema (for apple at least)
  • oh come on apple!!!!!!u know everyone wanted a camera...and microphone!and what do you give us???a 64 gb model and a little better processor...and no 16gb model?i dont have 32gb and i have more than 8gb of data.cmon.riiiip....
  • and why did the 32 and 64gb models get the mic only?wtf is up with you?????
  • Because the 8GB is still the second generation.
  • Hey peaple! Have you heard of the iPod touch 3g? DO NOT BUY!!!!! Because I have I 2g and apple is trying to get your attention for no f**kin reason! I know it has new features like voice control , peer to peer game and whatever that confences you all. They made the idea up for voice control from the iPhone 3gs. Why don't they just make an update for the 2g? WHY?!?! Because it could be alot better if you all just think before you do it. It's not a bad thing if you want it. But trust me you'll be surprized. Nether if you want an iPod that has voice control like I do. Buy it when something bad happens to your own iPod someday. Visit the apple website to see for yourself! THANK YOU
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  • why is everyone wanting an mp3 player to take pictures and be able to do voice calls. I think your all stupid and should get Iphones, by the time you have upgrades you touch to the new one just think how much money you have spent in total to get that 3rd gen, it's mental. just get an iPhone and you won't have to keep upgrading your iPods all the time.
  • AvA is exactly correct. What is up with some of you people. Is y'all stupid??? You dolts who questioned why Apple would put a mike on an iPod Touch because they could use Skype to make a phone call from a WiFi hotspot ... do you think Touch users would throw away their real cell phones just because the Touch had a freaking micrphone and Skype??? Y'all don't know nuthin' about business and making money. So just STFU.
  • you can buy cheap ipod touch 3rd in this shop>>> cheap ipod touch 3rd
  • That just pisses me off cuz my iPod touch does not have camara !!! Why does it not have one???
  • I wanna bleep guys I have that model and it has no Microphone or camera
  • Can you get a iPod touch mic. Cheap if not for how much?? Message me please
  • This thing sucks
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