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Get six MFi-certified Lightning cables in various lengths for just $11 today

Choosing third-party accessories over official Apple products can save you a ton of money in the long run. Take this 6-pack of Lightning Cables (opens in new tab) for example. It's priced at $23 on Amazon, right around what a single 6-foot Apple Lightning cable (opens in new tab) would cost you, and using code VLAVJG38 during checkout will drop its price to just $11.27. That means you'll be scoring these cables for under $2 apiece which is a far cry from the cost of the alternative. They'll work just as well as the official ones would, too.

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JimBest 6-pack Lightning cables (opens in new tab)

These Lightning cables come in various lengths. They're certified by Apple for charging and syncing your iOS devices and the braiding helps ensure that they hold up to your daily use.

These cables are MFi-certified to meet Apple's standards for charging iOS devices, so you won't have to worry about them not working as they should. No "this accessory may not be supported" popups will pester you once they're plugged in. They're built to last, featuring a braided-nylon fiber jacket and aluminum alloy connectors which resist heat and corrosion. Plus, their lifespan is rated at over 10,000 bends, which is quite durable for something you're paying $2 for.

The cables in the pack are of varying different lengths so you can use them how you see fit. Place a short cable in your car for easy charging without clutter, or pop a 6-foot cable behind your couch so you can stop sitting awkwardly when you're using your phone and watching TV. You'll get three 3-foot cables, two 6-foot cables, and a single ten-foot cable.

Shipping at Amazon is free on orders over $25, and we're trying to pay as little as possible here, so consider using Amazon Prime to get complimentary shipping. If you're new to Amazon Prime, you can click here for a free 30-day trial (opens in new tab).

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