You may have been psyched about the launch of Photoshop for iPad, but seeing its $10 monthly subscription might not have excited you quite as much. Thankfully, Serif is offering a timely discount on its Affinity Photo app for iPad, dropping the price down to $9.99. There's no subscription in the app, just pay once up-front and you get the app in its entirety to use for as long as you want. Given how advanced Affinity Photo's editing tools are, and some of the limitations of Photoshop for iPad in its current incarnation, this is a total steal for any budding photographers.

Affinity Photo for iPad regularly goes for $19.99, so you're saving 50% with this deal. It's super-advanced and targetted at pros and prosumers with its powerful and immersive editing suite. Each tool, panel, and control has been reimagined for touch and all works swimmingly with Apple Pencil. Rendering, adjustments, brushes, and filters are hardware-accelerated using Metal and the app supports massive image sizes (100+ Megapixels), RAW, PSD files, and much more. You can adjust exposure, blackpoint, clarity, vibrancy, white balance, shadows, and highlights. Dodge, burn, clone, patch, and remove red-eye and blemishes easily. Integration with iCloud Drive also makes it easy to organize, share, and sync your projects. There's tons in here, and Serif has plenty of tutorials to help you get the most out of it.

It works on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 & 3, iPad Mini 5 and iPad (early 2017 onwards) so if you have older hardware, you're not going to be able to run it, unfortunately. Affinity Photo is also available for Mac for $49.99.

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