Going handsfree: The top 7 iPad wall mounts

If you haven't already considered adding an iPad wall mount inside your home you're missing out on a convenient handsfree solution for a number of different activities. Try out a new recipe in the kitchen without getting your iPad dirty or enjoy Netflix at your bedside without the fatigue of holding your tablet. We've selected 7 sturdy wall mounts that will accommodate any iPad and are great for all areas of your home.

Dockem Koala Wall Mount

For Home Automation

This iPad wall mount comes as two separate plastic brackets that adhere to any smooth, flat surface using 3M Command Strips on the back. You can set it up in portrait or landscape positions and convenient cord clips are built into each bracket in case you need to run your iPad charger to an outlet. If you're using an Apple Smart Cover, you can even tuck the cover behind the wall mount without having to remove it completely. It also works with cases as long as they're slim and not too bulky. Keep in mind that anytime you want to move the Koala Wall Mount to a new location or adjust its orientation you'll need new 3M strips for a safe and secure hold.

$15 at Amazon

CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount

For the Kitchen

Perfect for keeping your iPad clear of the chaos in the kitchen, this iPad wall mount doubles a regular stand if you're not into the idea of permanently securing anything to your wall or underneath a kitchen cabinet. The included hardware allows easy mounting if you go the cabinet route and actually works quite efficiently. The holder itself is iPad friendly and is capable of accommodating other tablets from 6 to 8.5-inches wide. If you decide you want to utilize both the stand and wall/cabinet mount, you can do that as well. Simply slide it out from its mounting bracket and unfold the legs. There's a quick release button to remove the grip on your iPad when needed and the mount is easily adjustable in any orientation that's most comfortable for you.

$32 at Amazon

Bentley Universal Wall Mount

For the Bedroom

Made of aluminum and a durable plastic, this iPad wall mount secures to your wall using two concealed screws (drywall fasteners included) or can be mounted to a table. It features a single swivel arm that provides 360-degree rotation and 45-degree tilt adjustments so you can find the perfect viewing angle for your setup. The holder retracts approximately 2.25-inches and extends up to 13.5-inches from the wall. The Bentley Wall Mount is extremely lightweight for its sturdy design and with 4 "fingers" keeping a secure hold on your iPad, you'll never need to worry about it slipping out.

$20 at Amazon

iPort Control Mount

For Home Automation

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, the iPort Control Mount blends beautifully in any wall with its minimalist, paintable bezel. Protruding only 3mm from the wall's surface, your iPad maintains a low profile and stays charged in the wall from distances up to 250ft. via low voltage wiring. The built-in theft deterrent ensures that your iPad stays in the wall — perfect for public use applications. Although the iPort Control Mount requires more planning and experienced hands to install, it's a great way to manage the connected devices around your home while keeping an elegant appearance.

From $223 at Amazon Buy from iPort

Aduro U-Grip Adjustable Fridge Mount

For the Kitchen

Aduro's U-Grip Mount is designed with strong magnets on the back for securing to your fridge, but bear in mind it won't work with stainless steel doors. If magnets aren't an option for your fridge, you can still attach the Aduro U-Grip to your wall with a couple screws or use 3M tape (not included) for securing to your refrigerator. The mount is expandable to accommodate any iPad and features a convenient pen holder underneath — perfect for jotting down notes or adding to your shopping list using your Apple Pencil. If you're not a fan of white, the Aduro U-Grip also comes in a red/black option.

$20 at Amazon

Arkon Heavy Duty Wall Mount

For the Shop

Arkon is no stranger to the mounting market, crafting durable vehicle mounts for many years. This heavy duty iPad wall mount has more than enough adjustments for finding the viewing angle that's right for you and can accommodate your iPad with the bulkiest of cases. Keeping the mount secure on your wall or table is a 4-hole drill base (screws included) and the 8-inch adjustable arm makes it easy to move your iPad in any direction. The holder features legs that slide in at the top and bottom and is completely rotatable for portrait or landscape orientations. If you're after an iPad wall mount that's built tough and can hold your device with a case on — regardless of size — Arkon is the way to go.

$32 at Amazon

CTA Digital Bathroom Wall Mount

For the Bathroom

Did you think we were joking when we mentioned bathroom wall mounts? This unique mount from CTA Digital not only holds your iPad securely, but also features a toilet paper holder underneath so you can take care of business while you do your... business. The mount attaches to your wall using the included hardware and features a flexible 11.5-inch gooseneck that comes out from the base. The holder itself can be rotated 360-degrees for any viewing orientation and will fit any iPad. For a little extra "class" there's a nickle-plated cover that goes over the toilet paper holder. Is this iPad wall mount really smart or just plain silly? We'll go with both.

$31 at Amazon