Nexus One Update Brings Pinch-to-Zoom, Chrome OS Tablet Gets Conceptual -- The Competition!

According to our sibling site, Android Central, in the wake of Apple's iPhone 3.1.3 update and new iPad hardware, Google issued a Nexus One software update of their own -- one that enables multitouch pinch-to-zoom in the built in apps like the web browser, maps, and gallery. Oh, and there's also a coincidentally Chrome OS tablet "concept" floating around as well.

We're being more than a little facetious in linking Google's updates and concepts to any iPhone and iPad news. I mean, who could have seen Apple announcing a tablet last week, right? Other than Fake Steve's prime suspect, of course. But that's the nature of the new Apple vs. Google frenemy relationship.

(Hey, really, anything that keeps the pressure on Apple to keep up the pace of innovation, we're all for. Give us that A+ iPhone update already!)

Rene Ritchie

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  • 1st... maxiPad sucks There is NO FLASH...
  • Does google have spys at apple ?
    This looks like the ipad sans home button.
  • Oh god! I'm still an iPhone, let alone, Apple fan! Anyways, this is for real competition. Apple needs to wow us again sooner or later. As for now I really think it's now Nexus One vs. iPhone! Droid can go suck it and play wanna-be "robot" somewhere else! Along with Verizon.
  • It appears to float in mid air like Minority Report.
  • Flash sucks! HTML5 will prevail!
  • Frank:
    Why does ever every thread have to be about Flash. Give it a rest.
  • I must say the way it levitates like that is kinda cool, but I'd say Google will just hold of that until version 2, to make us upgrade.
    Non-event, if they'd brought these images BEFORE the iPad, it'd have been interesting.
  • Why don't people understand it's been explained about 1000x in the blog world and in news websites. Flash is no good on iPhone os/Mac osx. If worked good it would be on the devices I'm sure. But adobe don't care to make it work because apple only has 5% of the market. It crashes 90% of the time. Processed killer/battery killer. Now why in the world would you want something running on your iPhone/ipad/ianything with so many flaws?? It will be one more thing you people that want it will complain about. I can see it now. "what the hell apple everytime I play anything with flash in crashes and I have to restart my phone. "Fix it now". "what the hell apple my batttery is draining more then what it did before the flash update. "fix it now". "What the hell apple my phone is burning up everytime I run flash then it crashes and I have to reboot it and plug it in cause the battery is dead". "apple fix in now". Come one people seriously.
  • Also I have noticed alot of sites that are converting videos and stuff to work with apple devices so. In the words or sir jobs"no big deal". Lol
  • @Macboy:
    Flash does not crash 90% of the time on ANY platform I use (Linux, BSD, Windows). If it does so on Mac then it must be MAC's fault.
    If Apple's brand new A4 Processor can't handle Flash then it is a piece of crap processor.
    If Apple's sandbox can't keep Flash from compromising the system then its a piece of crap sandbox.
    Everything that is wrong with flash is Apple's fault. Its annoying as hell to have punch-the-monkey ads in my face, but stop trying to defend Jobs on technical grounds.
  • Icebike: Adobe don't have a suitable ARM processor compatible version of Flash on the market yet anyway - for any device!
    So why all the Apple hate?
  • @Macboy15 If you are 15, go and get a life because when you go 30 your wife name will be Iphone and your son Ipad and your enemy Flash (like Aids)
  • @Frog, Not apple hate, just trying to get that kid to shut up about flash.
  • My Lord...
    1.) How is it a dang on iPad copy...I mean, this is just like the iPhone yelling. How many ways can you make a big screen look? Is the bezel supposed to be orange or something?
    2.) Flash can suck (which it doesn't. I'm with never crashes 90% of the time on my computer), but the point is HTML5 is not in place right now. Flash is still a big part. You can NOT have a full browsing experience without it. Get over it.
    3.) Now that the Nexus One has the all important multi-touch...what can people bash about it. It truly is a do it all phone...
  • @Macboy15:
    Links? Write ups? You just pulled a lot of unsupported assertions out of your a s s. It's ok to be an Apple fan. But ignorant rants like that doesnt help to support the platform at all
    @Icebike: Wow, couldnt have said it better myself. Good job
    @But look at all the phones that are supported? Nexus One anyone? Apple has it in them to make it work. And Apple hate? Do all of us iPhone/Apple fans have to be overbiased fanboys? Just the truth
  • Oh and far as this concept, looks very promising. I'm really in no need of an iPad/Google Tablet, but if Google does the right things with this, it could turn into a must have and real iPad killer if the iPad doesn't receive the nesessary upgrades with OS 4.0 or Mac OS X. I mean, if they leave the iPad like it is, I already have one of those(iPhone), but I don't have one of these(Google concept)
  • That pad is better than the iPad... there I said it. And OMG I am much happier with my new favorite gadget now that it has multitouch. No offense to my friends at apple but it seems like Google is working much harder and faster.
  • Ya your right you can't have a full web experience without flash ads and flash games lol. Give me a break people the truth is the truth. You have a hard time understanding the reality of things thats fine. It's not gonna be on any apple device till adobe makes it right. Period. If there was no problem with flash it wouldve been on the iphones for years now. Adobe it self even admited this. And yes idavey it does crash and I bet the house there millions of others out there with the same problems. This is one complaint (flash) that apple with not address till it's right. That's my opinion.
  • @Idavey and icebike Do me a solid. Google flash sucks. Read a little bit maybe you'll see what the deal is.
  • @Macboy15
    "That's my opinion"
    I'm glad you realise your statements are solely based on opinion. We know that Steve Jobs is the apple in your eye and you can't acknowledge that his decisions aren't perfect.
    On topic;
    This google concept does seem coincidental that it appears a few days after iPad was announced. Hopefully the tablet battles work fir the consumer and we are given competitive prices and features.
  • Apple better come up with a new spanking iPhone 4.0 n no i don't want just mutitask, 2X faster. I want a game changing phone. Currently using a jb 3gs n loving it but seriously I don't want it to b a chest match everytime their is n update between the dev team n apple. I should b able to fully customize my phone with widgets a la htc. I will gladly unlock n sell my iPhone on eBay pay the early termination fee n jump on board with the nexus one. Android looks better n better as each day goes bye. I think apple assumed that they would control the mobile market one 2 many times n stopped caring bout their costumers. Till then zzzzzzzzz until July!!!
  • The competition is really starting to heat up with the iPad! Everyone is jumping on the iPad band wagon!! Everyone wants a piece of the pie!
  • When u update to 3.1.3 look at the battery percentage remember it, then reset ur iPhone and when it turns back on look at the 1st intial lockscreen the battery percentage will be 8% lower then after a sec it will jump back 8 % to wut it should really be... Very very strange I thought apple was supposed to fix the issue not make it worse.... DO NOT UPGRADE PLEASE STICK WITH 3.1.2 FAR LESS BUGGY....
  • Wow Google must not have liked Steve Jobs comment about google and now Nexus one users see multi-touch. Good job steve!
  • @kaiks This is one complaint (flash) that apple with not address till it's right.<<<< this was my opinion. Everything else I said is true and well documented all over the web. Who said anything about steve jobs decisions? Could careless about Steve jobs.
  • Bringing us back on topic
    So what do you think about this Google Tablet concept Macboy?
  • @Macboy15
    "In the words or sir jobs”no big deal”. Lol"
    Your words, eat them if you like.
    Anyway, I think you put too much faith in the decisions of Apple. It does appear Apple has a problem with Flash whereas others don't. Flash is still has a big presence on the web and iPhone/iPad are blind to it. As I have stated before 'Settings>Safari>Flash>Enable/Disable' seems like a pretty simple concept to me.
  • @Macboy
    You made a silly comment that Flash crashes 90% of the time. Me and Icebike stated that it doesn't crash on OURS.
    Even when I had my G1 rooted and uploaded a Hero ROM complete with Flash. My phone never crashed.
    You had it right. Your opinion goes to everything you said. Did you PERSONALLY go and test everyone's computer in the world to see how much Flash crashed. Or you just taking some man's word on it? The same man who said "nobody wanted video on their iPod" then just a little bit later...introduced the iPod Video...right.
  • Now as Someguy said...back on topic.
    If this concept proves to be true, this would be the tablet I get. USB, HDMI, SD card slot, multi-tasking...if they could somehow add the Android Market on the Chrome OS also. Then that would be the major win!
  • The problem with Chrome is that it's apps are all web based, so there will be no real apps to speak of other than caches bits with Google Gears. Sure Google Docs is nice, but I want a full office suite. Not to mention that you will have to be around data 100% of the time with a cloud based system. What if I decide to take this on the road? Anyone who has EVER been on a worthwhile road trip knows that no service gets signal in all places. If this thing had Android, it will be better.
  • @OMARI..
    The mockup is not real .. it's a photoshop someoene made up
  • just subscribed to you rss nd added you to ma google reader u keep me updated