Grab a WizGear phone mount for your car as low as $8 today only

It really doesn't matter what type of phone you have. All that matters is you need something to hold that phone nice and tight when you're driving your car. You still need to see it, of course. Sometimes you need the GPS. Sometimes you just want the comfort of knowing it's nearby in case your most recent Tweet gets liked. But driving is driving and you need to focus on the road. So grab one of WizGear's car phone mounts while they are on sale today only. The deals range between $8.39 and $9.79 and include both magnetic and physical holders that attach to the air vent or dashboard. As an Amazon daily deal, the prices will expire at the end of the day.

The least expensive option is the WizGear air vent car phone mount on sale for $8.39. It normally sells for $13. The mount has universal compatibility. As long as your phone isn't too wide, it will fit. And it definitely supports phones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S10+. Uses a physical grip and a twist lock mechanism to secure your phone in place, and this system also easily releases with a simple button press.

If you want a magnetic air vent holder you can get one for just $9.79 from a street price of $14. Just slip the included magnetic plate between your phone and its case and you can attach it right to the magnetic base. It can release easily and rotate around while still being securely attached. The mount on the air vent twist locks in place so it won't fall off or get weighed down even when using larger phones.

You can also get a 2-pack of magnetic dashboard car mounts on sale for $9.79. The 2-pack usually sells at a street price of $14, too. The base of the mount sticks easily on your dashboard and won't move even when swiveling or rotating your phone. The magnetic mount can hold any phone in place regardless of platform.

John Levite

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