Griffin adds two new accessories to iTrip lineup

Accessory maker Griffin is introducing two new accessories to its iTrip line of products at CES 2015. The iTrip AUX Bluetooth adds a Bluetooth connection to your car stereo, while the iTrip AUX AutoPilot packs in device charging, audio output, and playback controls into a single device.

The iTrip AUX Bluetooth plugs into your car's power outlet, then into your car stereo's AUX-in port. It acts as a Bluetooth receiver, allowing you to pair your device and play audio through the car without actually having to physically connect the device to the stereo.

The iTrip AUX AutoPilot is a car charger that also delivers device audio to your car. The AutoPilot connects to your iOS device with the built-in Lightning cable, which allows your device both to charge and output audio with the AutoPilot's AUX-in connection. The AutoPilot features big playback buttons so you can pause, play, and move forward and back through music without needing to take your eyes off of the road.

Both the iTrip AUX Bluetooth and AutoPilot retail for $49.99, and are available directly from Griffin now.

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Joseph Keller

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