This week I got to try out the Griffin Elan Passport Case for iPad and I really like it! The Elan Passport is a leather flip case with a soft microsuede interior. When closed, the Elan Portfolio resembles a book. When you open it you have immediate access to the touchscreen on the right and the left has four slots for credit cards, business cards, etc. or other similarly shaped items and a sleeve to tuck additional paper into such as receipts and more.

The four slots on the left of the case easily accommodate a drivers license, credit card, Starbucks card, business cards or any other type of "card" you might want to place there. When a card is placed in the case sleeve, the card will stop with just enough room for you to remove it with your fingers. I always felt these items were very secure, and they would not easily fall out. The sleeve lies underneath the slots. It is roughly 4 inches deep and can accommodate some miscellaneous papers, but nothing the size of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper unless it's folded.

The iPad is protected on all sides as the device easily rests about a .25" from each corner. The microsuede is a nice touch and breathes a quality finish. The iPad is held in place by four corner straps. On the right, the straps are sewn into the case. The two on the left are elastic and allows for easy placement and removal of the iPad. When the Elan Passport is closed, it is secured by a tab closure across the top. It does not lock, but it is securely held in place and is there to simply keep the cover from accidentally flipping open.

Overall I really like the Griffin Elan Passport Case for iPad. It's light, looks good, low profile and does a good job of protecting iPad; a very professional case. It's available now from the TiPb iPad Accessory Store.

TiPb iPad 4-star rated


  • Compact
  • Leather and microsuede
  • A couple of pockets to stash receipts, etc.
  • Good job protecting the deivce for accidental bumps


  • Though secure, if dropped, the iPad could fly out and damage is possible
  • Additional Card slots would nice, four is a bit limiting

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