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Hands-on with dummy iPad 2 at CES 2011

No, it's not a working iPad 2 but I did just go hands on with a dummy unit that could just be very close to what the final iPad 2 will look like when Apple announces it this spring. It does match up with rumored features -- tapered edges, flat back, cameras back and front, and an amped up speaker grill at the bottom. Check out the video above and pictures below, and let us know what you think. Is this what iPad 2 will look like and if so, what's your take on the changes?

[Thanks to Arn from MacRumors for the lead on this!]

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Rene Ritchie

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  • If the iPad 2 looks like this, I think my iPad 1st gen is way prettier :)
  • really fake
  • Glad it doesn't have a glass back
  • I don't think that's real. Probably a gag.
  • that thing is ugly as heck.
  • The only thing i like about this "dummy model" is the fact it has 2 cameras.
    Other than that i much prefer my iPad 1 design. But i will guess we'll see soon at the next Apple event :D
  • Aren't the comments above pretty similar to what a lot of people said about the leaked iPhone 4 prototype? I know this isn't real, but about the design of the iPhone, a lot of people said that they thought it was ugly and it was too flat. I actually think a flat iPad would be better because it would actually not rock around on a table.
  • I agree with you there. Tons of people were hating on the iPhone 4 design and it sold 14+ million units in 1 quarter. I love the flat design of the iPhone 4 and would welcome a flatter version of the iPad.
  • It looks pretty convincing to be the iPad 2. But we won't know for sure until Steve shows us, or it gets majorly leaked somehow. I do like the design though.
  • if that ends up being the 2nd gen hardware...glad i got the first ipad
  • Who ya calling a dummy you Baba Booey lookalike!!!!
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  • It seems legit.
  • Ipad 2 is goingto be better than old one, so boo hoo to early scooters whoare going to shell out bucks to get a new one. Design is basically the same. Old better then this demo? Yeah right it's basically the same thing.
  • KIRF
  • I'm still happy with the iPad I got for Xmas. A camera isn't something I need on my iPad. I have my iPhone for that.
  • It's very much iPod touch 4th gen industrial design. Hopefully, iPad 2 will have iPod touch like weight. If there was one spec to increase usability in iPad 2, it would be less weight.
  • Lmao at all the comments. I'm also glad I have the first iPad because that thing is hideous.
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  • I got the iPad OG for christmas, I doubt I'll be upgrading to the iPad 2. I don't care so much about the cameras I just want more ram and a better processor. My Evo loads web pages over twice as fast as my iPad.
  • That's what the ipad 2 is goin to have. You will be very tempted to upgrade. I guarantee it! I waited this Xmas for this exact reason.
  • I love sour grapes. :-)
  • For those of us out there, tolerating our own ignorance, are counting upon you tech genius people, so it wcould be very easy to be disappointed at the comments. How about some real content related help for those of us less wise, please???
  • If that is the new one I'm going to buy a refurb 3g 64gb and give my 32gb to my mother.
    YIKES. That mockup is FUGLY.
    If they had to make it that thick to put in all the crap I don't want it.
  • Nice! Linked to by huff post!
  • Last week we had the orange iPad 2 case with a hole for the rear-facing camera under the cutout for the headphone and microphone
    All the iPad 2 mockups I am seeing from CES have it behind the mute/rotation lock and volume controls
    I feel that I get good sound out of my iPad
    The whole back resonates and I am wondering if putting a flat back on the iPad 2 has decreased its ability to vibrate and is requiring a bigger speaker or at least speaker grill to deliver the same sound as the original iPad
    It appears to have a Chad-friendly bezel which will keep me happy
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