Having battery drain problems with your AirPods? Try this!

Apple's AirPods have a lot going for them — they're ultra-portable, sound great, and offer easy access to Siri — but as with any products, they can have their issues.

Whether you're having battery issues with your AirPods, pairing problems, or other quirks, here's how to reset your AirPods and give them a clean start with your iPhone or iPad.

How to reset your AirPods

For many, you can fix battery issues with AirPods by resetting them. Here's how:

  1. Press and hold the setup button for at least 15 seconds until the status light starts flashing amber a few times and then flashes white.

  2. Reconnect your AirPods to all your devices. (If you set up the double tap to pause function, you'll have to set that up again).

The iOS 11 AirPods battery bug

We've observed (and seen multiple reports) of AirPods not showing their proper battery life estimations in Control Center's new Now Playing 3D Touch widget. This isn't an AirPods bug, however, but an iOS 11 quirk: Presumably it will be fixed soon enough, but in the meantime, you can check your battery life by doing the following:

  1. Swipe down from the top bezel of your iPhone (or wake from sleep) to view your Lock screen.
  2. Swipe to the right to open the Today/Spotlight view.

  3. Scroll down to the Battery widget.

    If Battery isn't present, tap the Edit button and add the Battery widget.

Alternate fixes for AirPods battery problems

If you're still having problems with the battery level on your AirPods after a reset, you may want to try fully draining both your case and AirPods before recharging. If, after both a reset and full drain/recharge, your battery issues aren't disappearing, we suggest contacting Apple Support.

Your experiences?

You tell us, iMore: Found a good fix to troubleshoot your AirPods? Let us know in the comments below!

Updated September 2017: Updated to address the AirPods battery life issue in iOS 11.

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