The HomePod Mini looks great and all, but it's not coming out for a little while yet. You want a Bluetooth speaker right now, well Prime Day has you covered!

Sometimes you need things to be small, ultra-portable, and just dang cute — some of the best Bluetooth speakers are just like that. Even though Prime Day is coming to an end soon, you still can grab some great last-minute deals on small Bluetooth speakers.

Small and rugged: VicTsing Shower Speaker | 20% off at Amazon

This tiny little speaker is perfect for taking in the shower with you thanks to its IPX5 water-resistant rating. It comes with a little strap to hand on your showerhead, but it also has a suction cup so you can stick it right to your shower wall. Plus, it has a 6-hour battery life — sing in the shower all you want.

$15 at Amazon

FM Tuner included: Sbode Bluetooth Speaker | 20% off at Amazon

The built-in FM tuner on the Sbode Bluetooth Speaker makes it easy to catch your favorite local station. This inexpensive speaker may only have an 8-hour battery life, but it sounds quite good for the price. Plus, if you have two Sbode Bluetooth speakers, you can pair them together, which not only increases your sound output but also creates a true wireless stereo system.

$32 at Amazon

Sbode-m400Source: iMore

We know the HomePod Mini will be able to do more when it comes to Home Automation and Siri support than these Bluetooth speakers listed above, but tiny speakers like this can follow you anywhere, and that makes gives them incredible value over a smart speaker like the HomePod Mini.

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If you want tunes at your next backyard BBQ or camping trip, your HomePod Mini can't make the trip, but a small portable Bluetooth speaker sure can! Don't miss out on a quality portable Bluetooth speaker for cheap because you're waiting for the HomePod Mini; these deals won't last much longer!

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