This is how CarPlay will work in your new Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has published a video demonstration of their CarPlay integration. While the company went into some detail with their announcement yesterday, the video takes its time showing various aspects of the system, including the interplay between voice commands and physical controls.

The Mercedes system will also feature a set of physical controls, centered around a large dial. The dial is used to scroll through options, including app selection, contacts, and music. The voice commands button is located near the dial so you can activate Siri. The video details how many of CarPlay's features will work, including making call, getting directs, and sending and receiving messages, and unsurprisingly, it works a lot like iOS does now.

What do you think of Mercedes' CarPlay system now that you've gotten a glimpse of how it actually works? Sound off below in the comments.

via iFun

Joseph Keller

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