How to catch Whismur in Pokémon Go

There's a good chance you've never given much thought to Whismur during your time playing Pokémon Go. It's not a particularly useful pocket monster, nor does it stand out much for its type (Normal, naturally). So, really, the only distinctive thing about it is those plus sign eyes. Is Whismur sleeping? Is it shy? The anime suggests the answer to both those questions is "quite possibly." But Whismur is from the Hoenn region, meaning it's suddenly in demand thanks to the A Thousand-Year Slumber research task.

Yep, you dissed Whismur before, but now you need it, so let's talk about how to catch some.

Why do I need to catch Whismur again?

Probably not to use it for raids! Whismur isn't especially powerful, and its evolutions, Loudred and Exploud, aren't anything special. But one of the tasks in the second part of A Thousand-Year Slumber asks you to catch three Whismur. So, if you'd like to add Jirachi to your collection eventually, you're going to have to catch a Whismur.

Or three, to be precise. Bonus tip: The third section of the research task requires you to take a snapshot of a Loudred. If you haven't evolved a Whismur in the past, you can use this opportunity to sling some Pinap Berries while tracking them down to get more candy.

Where do Whismur spawn?

Just about anywhere, to be honest. As a relatively weak Normal-type Pokémon, you can find Whismur just about anywhere you'd usually find spawns without having to hunt down particular locations or climates. Check around Gyms, PokéStops, and public gathering spots, and you'll have a good chance of tracking one down before too long.

Do Whismur spawn more frequently in certain weather?

You're going to notice a theme here, but Whismur loves the most mundane of all the weather types in Pokémon Go: Partly Cloudy. When the game tells you that it's Partly Cloudy out (and remember, it's what the game thinks is happening that matters; real-life be darned), that's the best possible time to go seek out Whismur.

Will Incense and Lures help me catch Whismur?

Absolutely. Whismur is just the kind of Pokémon who might respond to the siren call ... er, smell, of Incense, meaning you might not even have to leave your house, school, or workplace to catch one.

Lures should also improve your chances. However, be sure to use a regular Lure since Whismur stays on-brand and isn't attracted by any of those fancy pants Lures (Glacial, Mossy or Magnetic) you acquired if you've already completed the first chapter of A Thousand-Year Slumber.

Why can't I find Whismur anywhere despite its supposed ubiquity?

If you're having a hard time locating any Whismur, it's likely because there's an event going on that makes other types of Pokémon appear more often, crowding out the usual suspects. For example, the Water Festival is live as this article is being typed, and runs through Friday, Aug. 30, 2019. As the name suggests, Water-type Pokémon are the focus of the event, and there are Magikarp everywhere but nary a Whismur to be found.

So, the key here is to be patient. If there's an event that changes what is spawning, you may need to allow it to run its course first.

Once I've found Whismur, how do I catch it?

Happily, there are no special tricks to catching Whismur. You should be able to find them at low enough CP that a Great Ball or even a regular Poké Ball will suffice. You can naturally use the same bonus-stacking tactics you may know by heart to make it more likely you'll succeed.

I'll round up all the tips in one place:

  1. Check out the typical mass spawn spots for Whismur, including Gyms, PokéStops, malls, parks and the like.
  2. Head out in Partly Cloudy weather for an even better chance of spotting one.
  3. Don't be afraid to use an Incense or Lure to try to get a Whismur to come to you -- but if it's the latter, be sure it's a plain old Lure and not one of the more exotic varieties.
  4. You may need to play between events to ensure Whimsur isn't being crowded out by limited time only spawns.
  5. When you've tracked down a Whismur, stacking the usual bonuses by throwing curveballs, utilizing Pinap Berries and dipping into your supply of Great Balls can reduce its chances of fleeing.

Any more questions about catching Whismur?

You should be well on your way to never overlooking Whismur again, or at least until you don't need it anymore for research tasks. A shame, really. Anyway, if you've got any more questions about the Pokémon with the plus signs for eyes, be sure to drop them in the comments section below, and we'll whip up some answers for you.

Nick Tylwalk