This is how the iPad changed music for Elliphant

Apple has released a new video and promotion for the iPad, focusing on how it can be used to make music, and make the world a more musical place. The video features the song "[All or Nothing](" by Elliphant, more specifically, the Riton iPad Remix featuring The Gaslamp Killer. From Apple:

iPad is changing how we live, work, and create more and more each day. For recording artist Elliphant, it's liberating her to make music in a radical new way. And whether she's writing lyrics at home or recording on the road, iPad has become an essential part of her process. It was even used by director So Me to shoot this film.

Part of Apple's recent Start Something New campaign, the video shows Eliphant using apps and accessories to write lyrics, make beats, remix with the crowd, and film the performances, including:

Rene Ritchie

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