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June is the month of Pride, and though Pride will look very different this year, that doesn't mean you can be decked out head to toe in Pride colors. Even if your Pride parades are canceled, and your Pride events have moved to Zoom, there's no reason not to wear Pride shoes. Besides, eventually, we'll be leaving the house again, right? This year, Converse has a whole new line of Pride shoes, including additional Pride flags for several LGBT+ folks. Here's how to customize your Converse for Pride, whatever your identity might be!

Pride 2020

Where to find the shoes of your dreams

Make sure you pick the perfect fit for you! There are adult and kid sizes, Chuck Taylor All-Stars and 70's, high tops and low tops. However, while there are a lot of options this year, some of the options are limited to specific shoes. The Trans flag soles, for example, aren't part of the customization options. They are only available on the Trans Pride Chuck Taylor All Star low tops. The shoes that do have customization options for other identities include:

Aside from the first pair, the others have limited options for the Trans Pride flag or other identity Pride flags. For high tops, there is the woven medial Trans Pride flag patch. For low tops, there is a Trans Pride flag tongue logo. Moreover, the customization options this year are limited to a single color for the body, making it more difficult to customize the Pride shoes with other flags.

While you can use the normal customization features to get multiple colors on the body of your Converses, you cannot add the Pride soles to any of those shoes, nor can you add the Trans Pride medial patch or tongue logo.

Looking for the Trans Pride Flag to appear on the bottom of your shoe?

Converse Trans Pride SolesSource: Converse

Unfortunately, the Trans Pride Flag appearing on the bottom of the shoe is only available on the Trans Pride Chuck Taylor All Star low tops. These shoes are limited edition and have the bottoms of the shoes featured this way for the novelty.

Any of the Pride shoes you choose to customize will have the Pride flag on the bottom of them. It may not be the Trans Pride Flag, but there are other options in the customizer to add the Trans Pride Flag to other parts of your shoe.

Be whoever you are

We're all making statements here. A pair of shoes may seem insignificant, but it's more about the meaning than the style.

Any of the shoes from the Converse Pride Collection are a perfect way to represent your position in the LGBTQ+ community. It doesn't matter if you're an ally or identify within the community; you can express your Pride in a fun and creative way that you design yourself. When people ask where you got such cool kicks, you can brag about how you designed them yourself and promote your feelings on gay pride while you're at it.

Throw on a pair of converse and stand up for what's right. Show the world that love always wins.

Our favorite Converse Sneakers

Nothing can beat old fashioned Chuck Taylor All-Stars... except maybe Chuck Taylor All-Stars with Pride flags!

High Tops

Custom Pride Chuck Taylor All Star by You

Now with Pride colors for more LGBT+ folk.

The High Top design offers a little more support for your ankles, as well as a bit more room to display your Pride. This year, Converse has added Custom Inspiration designs with the colors of the Transgender, Non-binary, Asexual, Pansexual, and Bisexual Pride flags, and we couldn't be more excited!

Low Tops

Pride Chuck 70

More Color, More Love

The classic Chuck 70 has been embraced by the "More Color, More Love" flag, first conceived and popularized by social justice advocate Amber Hikes. Converse's 2020 Pride collection seeks to celebrate every member of the movement, and these low tops are the stars of the collection. Little details like the rainbow aglets, high gloss eyelets, and the "Diversity, Equality, Love" insoles really tie this bold look together!

Even more Pride from Converse

As if all the incredible shoes were enough, Converse also has new shirts and hats for Pride.

Converse Pride Tee ($30 at Converse)

You can't go wrong with this soft cotton tee. Each letter of Converse takes on a stripe from the "More Color, More Love" flag, celebrating every diverse member of the movement!

Trans Converse Pride Tee ($30 at Converse)

You'll shine and show off your pride with this soft cotton tee. The Converse brand is spelled out in the colors of the Trans Pride Flag to match your Trans Pride kicks!

More Color, More Love Converse Pride Tank ($25 at Converse)

Be comfortable and proud in this soft cotton tank! Emblazoned with the "More Color, More Love" flag that Converse designed this year's Pride line around, you can show your support for every diverse member of the movement.

Converse Pride Bucket Hat ($35 at Converse)

Featuring the "More Color, More Love" colors with each letter, this 100% cotton hat has a wide brim and a Pride flag lapel. Also, get a free patch with your purchase now!

More Color, More Love Converse Pride Baseball Cap ($28 at Converse)

A classic baseball cap for extra shade, this hat features the Converse logo patch with the "More Color, More Love" colors. Those same colors are also stitched into the brim for a little something extra.

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