How much of your daily work can you do on the iPad?

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook says he does 80% of his work on his iPad, and that means 80% of running one of the most valuable companies on earth. You've got to imagine that includes handling his mail, likely his calendar, and probably a lot of information reading, including a lot a numbers. How much of the rest is on his iPhone vs. his Mac is interesting to ponder, but the bottom like is he gets not only most of his daily work done on iPad. So the question is, how much can you?

When I'm out and about, I use an iPhone to quickly check in on, keep up to date with, and lightly edit my work. When I'm standing at my desk or sitting in a coffee shop on my MacBook Air, I'm doing bulk text entry, image editing, and other heavy duty operations.

My Mac screen is covered in a myriad of web pages, with a BBEdit, Photoshop, Napkin, GarageBand, Coda, and Final Cut Pro X, scattered in between. I feel not so much like I need OS X apps to get my work done, but that they're all muscle memory at this point, as is using them as part of a drag-and-drop flow.

If I were just to concentrate on my writing I imagine I could do much more on my iPad Air, but I think I'd still need a keyboard. I love typing on the iPad. 4 years later and it still feels like magic. But I'm just used to touch typing on a Macbook Keyboard.

How do you feel? Can you get your job done, day in, day out on an iPad? If so, how much? If not, why not? Vote in the poll up top and give me the details in the comments below!