Following a recall of the original Galaxy Note 7, reports have now surfaced of several replacement Galaxy Notes 7 catching fire. It's reached the point where our sibling site, Android Central, can no longer recommend anyone buy the Galaxy Note 7, or keep a Galaxy Note 7 they've already bought.

It's the worst possible situation for any manufacturer, and every manufacturer should take it as a cautionary tale, redoubling even the best of their quality control methods. Customers, though, need an alternative.

For Note lovers, perhaps sticking with a Note 5 is the answer. For Samsung die-hards, if they can live without the S-Pen, maybe a Galaxy S7. For Android aficionados, the Google Pixel might be arriving just in time.

For people who simply want an amazing phone, though, and are looking to make a change, there's also Apple's iPhone 7 Plus. It's brand new, it's water resistant, it's got great battery life, it's got a cutting-edge camera, and it has Apple, AppleCare+, and Apple Stores standing behind it.

iPhone 7 buyers guide

Once you've made up your mind to switch to iPhone, you might still be wondering which iPhone exactly you should switch to. iPhone 7 Plus is closest in size to Galaxy Note 7, but there two sizes, three capacities, and five colors to choose from. If you're having trouble deciding, here's what you need to know!

Once you know what you're getting, you can head on over to Apple or your local big box or carrier store to place your order.

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How to transfer your data from Android to iPhone

iPhone works great with all Google services right out of the box. You can sign into your Google account at the system level, and download almost all of Google's major apps right from the App Store. That means you can pretty much get up and running, and keep going right from where you left off, incredibly quickly and easily.

Apple also makes the Move to iOS app, to help you transfer over any other data you might have.

iPhone 7 user guide

If you haven't used iOS in a while, or ever at all, it's really easy to pick up. If you want to get going even faster, though, we have everything you need to know.

Any questions?

If you're still weighing your options, make sure you check out our iPhone forums or ask in the comments below. No matter what replacement phone you ultimately decide on, I hope you love it!

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