Mobile Nations' own Phil Nickinson, Android Central's editor in chief, has put the newly announced HTC One (M8) through its paces. It's no iPhone killer, but the new HTC One has some really nice features, including a big screen that's sure to be the envy of some Apple customers who are getting tired of the smaller iPhone. Android Central:

HTC has been noticeably excited about the HTC One for some time now, and rightfully so. It's a hell of a smartphone. It's an imperfect one, sure. The camera still trades resolution for features, but the features tend to be pretty compelling, and it's not like you aren't able to take some beautiful shots. That's probably our single complaint about the new HTC One.

The increased size of the HTC One enables a lot more battery to get packed under the hood, so it sports a lot more raw capacity - more than 60 percent more, in fact. Combined with power saving technology HTC has included, you get about twice the 3G talk time and standby time as the iPhone 5s.

While the camera's capabilities didn't thrill overall, the HTC One does sport a nifty technology that senses depth information and enables new features like bokeh/depth of field, background effects and more. It's an all aluminum construction and sounds like a solid phone, a worthy competitor to Apple's high-end iPhones.

I have to admit, a lot of the personalization stuff and focus on the interface goes by me, because it's not something most iPhone users worry about - for good or bad, the only iPhone users who do customize the interface have jailbroken their device. It sounds like Sense BlinkFeed is trying to do some of the same stuff Microsoft does with the Windows Phone Metro interface, which quite frankly isn't a user experience I crave on my iPhone.

Anyway, swing by Android Central and check out what Phil has to say. And share your thoughts with us - is this something that would tempt you away from the iOS platform? Are there elements of the HTC One you'd like to see in the next iPhone? Post in the comments.