HyperJuice's USB-C Battery Pack will offer 100W of USB-C Power Delivery output

Battery life in phones continues to improve, but it's never going to bring us back to the days of when your Nokia phone lasted for three to five days before you needed to plug it in. Portable batteries have grown in popularity over the recent years as a way to keep your phone powered up while on the go, freeing you from the wall. Hyper has announced a new Kickstarter campaign that aims to bring the "World's most powerful USB-C battery pack" to consumers.

Internally, this thing is a monster. It offers 100W of USB-C Power Delivery 3.0, which is an equivalent of 27000mAh (the largest you can carry onto a plane with you). It has a total of three outputs: a full-sized USB port that offers 18W, and two USB-C ports at 60W and 100W respectively. The 100W port is an In/Out port, which is how you charge the battery. With all this capacity, you may expect that it would be quite large, but it seems to be similar in size to Anker's 26800 PD battery pack, except with the ability to provide a whole lot more power output.

Early backers of the project can score one of these for as little as $149, which is nearly 40% lower than the expected retail price of $299 when it launches for the masses later. As of right now, the project is already funded with 28 days to go, and the company expects to begin production of these in October with shipments taking place in November.

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Jared DiPane

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