HzO shows off factory-line waterproofing technology

HzO is a waterproofing technology for smartphones like the iPhone that won't be available to us (the consumers) but will be available to device manufacturers like Apple for use in the production process. (Whether Apple decides to make use of it -- or something similar -- is another story.) The thin coating, which they have named WaterBlock, once applied prevents water from coming in contact with the electronics inside the device, thus making it water resistant and giving you the ability to dunk it and not have worry.

If you're wondering whether it works or not, it surely seems to. Walking around CES 2012, I saw the HzO display with some devices sitting... underneath falling water, still fully functional, like it was nothing. People were using the phones, playing music, just like normal. Even with SIM card and battery exposed, an Android phone remained fully functional. There appeared to be zero damage to any of the electronics.

Again, there's no way to know if Apple will ever use something like this for the iPhone, but we sure hope they do.

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  • I wish all products have this
  • Get it now at liquipel.com
  • This is amazing! Every phone needs this, why? 1)Girls drop their phones in the toilet like it's their day job 2)Guys drop their phones in the a body of water pretty frequently too.
  • Actually, there are several waterproofing vendors at the show. And it is indeed available for the public today. Perhaps someone at iMore could visit booth 35366 and get a video of the Liquipel demonstration. They may also want to pick up the flyer with a 30% off and share it with the community.
    If you don't want to wait for iMore, google liguipel. They told me they could do a consumer device such as phone for about $55.
    BTW, this Hz0 company mentioned in the article is a spinoff company from Zagg, who has a ton of interesting things coming to market this year, especially an invisible shield HD which doesn't have that orange peel effect.
  • oops, google liquipel or visit www.liquipel.com
  • @joe
    Thanks for the tip
  • The beginning: http://www.lotusleafcoatings.com/
  • I work for a paint company and we have this type of coating as well as a clear coat for screen protectors.
    We are also working on non dissipative coatings to help decrease electronic interference with smart phones...
    Good to see this stuff in use.
  • But if you have a problem with the phone and you need to replace a part like the battery or anything else, the new part needs to have the coating too if not that part will be unprotected
  • Why does the headline say waterproof but the body says resistant? Sloppy.
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  • Would this nano tech coating make a phone intrinsically safe? This is an awesome development for small devices!
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